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Bookkeepers  (NOC 1231)
Mauricie Region
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Outlook & Prospects for Bookkeepers in Mauricie Region

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Local Employment Potential Information

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Table on the employment potential for Bookkeepers in Mauricie Region as well as in the rest of the Québec.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Mauricie Region Good   (3 of 3 stars) 2015-05-29

The employment outlook for bookkeepers in the Mauricie region is good for the 2014—2016 period. Over the next few years, labour requirements will result mostly from retiring workers. In fact, the percentage of supervisors age 55 and older is higher than that of workers overall. Some job opportunities may result from employment growth, which will occur at a comparable rate to that for all occupations. Other opportunities will arise for experienced workers who have the required training to access senior positions, such as accountants.

The available workforce meets labour market requirements satisfactorily. Graduates of training programs leading to jobs in this occupation will have little difficulty entering the labour market. Moreover, experienced accounting clerks or financial services clerks will be able to access this occupation and they constitute a potential labour pool. The number of unemployed workers is low, and some opportunities may be open to workers from outside the province who meet the occupational requirements.

Employment growth for this occupational group will mainly depend on trends affecting employment in public administrations, as well as professional, scientific and technical services, more precisely in accounting, tax preparation, payroll and bookkeeping services. Labour requirements related to the implementation of new accounting rules, a more extensive monitoring of cash flows, to transparency, and to fraud prevention, will continue to boost the growth of accounting services. However, extensive cuts in government spending, and the overall freeze in the workforce of the public and parapublic sectors, resulting from a commitment to balance the budget, will have a negative impact on employment growth in public administrations.

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