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Plastic Products Assemblers, Finishers and Inspectors  (NOC 9495)
Lanaudière Region
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This unit group includes workers who assemble, finish and inspect plastic parts and finished products. They are employed by plastic products manufacturing companies and plastic parts divisions of aircraft or other manufacturing companies.

fibreglass laminator, plastic bottle trimmer, plastic parts assembler, plastic products fabricator, plastic products inspector and tester, plastic tank assembler, plastics assembler, plastics inspector, plastics trimmer, skylight assembler.

Plastic products assemblers and finishers perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Operate machines or equipment, or use hand tools to cut, shape, splice and fit plastic materials to form parts and assemblies
  • Assemble composite materials on patterns to form parts and assemblies using bonding agents
  • Operate spray-gun unit to apply resin mixtures to metal or wooden mould to form plastic products
  • Load and operate autoclave oven to cure and bond plastic parts and subassemblies
  • Operate finishing equipment to trim, grind or buff plastic products into final form.
Plastic products inspectors perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Inspect manufactured plastic products for defects and conformance to specifications and quality standards, visually or using instruments
  • Affix seals or tags to approved plastic products and mark and reroute defective products for repair or recycle
  • Prepare reports on products inspected
  • Make minor adjustments and repairs to products.
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Berthierville, Joliette, L'Épiphanie, Saint-Gabriel, Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Terrebonne, Domaine-Asselin, Domaine-Ouellet, Lavaltrie, Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie

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Outlook & Prospects for Plastic Products Assemblers, Finishers and Inspectors in Lanaudière Region

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Table on the employment potential for Plastic Products Assemblers, Finishers and Inspectors in Lanaudière Region as well as in the rest of the Québec.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Lanaudière Region Undetermined 2014-07-21

Compared to other occupations, this is a relatively small occupational group in the local area with few and infrequent job opportunities.

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