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Chemists  (NOC 2112)
Halifax Region
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Chemists conduct research and analysis in support of industrial operations, product and process development, quality control, environmental control, medical diagnosis and treatment, biotechnology and other applications. They also conduct theoretical, experimental and applied research into basic chemical and biochemical processes to create or synthesize new products and processes. Chemists are employed in research, development and quality control laboratories; chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries; mineral, metal and pulp and paper industries; and a wide variety of manufacturing, utility, health, educational and government establishments.

agricultural chemist, analytical chemist, bioanalytical chemist, biochemist, chemist, clinical chemist, coatings chemist, electrochemist, environmental chemist, food chemist, inorganic chemist, medical biochemist – medicine, medicinal chemist, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopist, oceanographic chemist, organic chemist, organic mass spectrometrist, organometallic chemist, pharmacological chemist, physical chemist, polymer chemist, quality control chemist, research chemist, soil chemist, textile chemist, theoretical chemist.

Chemists perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Analyze, synthesize, purify, modify and characterize chemical or biochemical compounds
  • Develop and conduct programs of analysis to ensure quality control of raw materials, chemical intermediates or final products
  • Conduct programs of sample and data collection and analysis to identify and quantify environmental toxicants
  • Conduct research to develop new chemical formulations and processes and devise new technical applications of industrial chemicals and compounds
  • Conduct research to discover, develop and refine, and evaluate new products
  • Conduct fundamental and applied research into the synthesis and properties of chemical compounds and the mechanisms of chemical reactions
  • Investigate chemical aspects of the mechanisms of drug action, the diagnosis and treatment of disease, organ function and the assessment of health
  • Participate in interdisciplinary research and development projects working with chemical engineers, biologists, microbiologists, agronomists, geologists or other professionals
  • Act as technical consultant in a particular field of expertise
  • May participate in the commercialization of new products
  • May supervise other chemists and chemical technicians and technologists.
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Halifax, Dartmouth, Brookside, Goodwood, Hammonds Plains Road, Hatchet Lake, Lake Echo, Uplands Park

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Outlook & Prospects for Chemists in Halifax Region

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Local Employment Potential Information

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Table on the employment potential for Chemists in Halifax Region as well as in the rest of the Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Halifax Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31

Employment outlooks have been determined at the provincial level for Nova Scotia.

Local Labour Market News

Week of Aug 18 - Aug 22, 2014
  • A number of new retailers are coming to the Halifax region this fall; Sephora, Alia and TanJay, Gymboree and Nine West Shoe Studio will open at the Mic Mac Mall. Spencer's Gifts will open in the Halifax Shopping Centre this fall. Marshalls will open its second store in the Halifax region in August in the Bayers Lake Business Park.
  • Scanway Catering Cake & Pastry Shop café has opened on Grafton Street and will offer a vibrant menu and rooftop patio
  • The Battered Fish Fish & Chip Company opened its seventh location in Fall River in August. The company wants to continue to expand and is hoping to open franchised locations in Burnside Park and Toronto.
  • Bubba Ray's Sports Bar has opened a second location in the old Red Fox Bar & Grill location off Bayer's Road. They have hired seven new staff members.
  • Dollarama and Stitch it Clothing Alterations at the Halifax Shopping Centre will close by the end of August. Black's Photography, which has stores in the Halifax Shopping Centre and the Mic Mac Mall, will also close at the end of August.
Week of Aug 11 - Aug 15, 2014
  • David¿s Bridal, a retailer of bridal fashions across North America, has opened a store in Dartmouth Crossing, and expects to hire 28 workers
  • Black¿s Photography will close its last two stores in Nova Scotia, which are located in the Halifax Shopping Centre and in the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth. No timeline was given for the closures.
  • Harbour Isle Halifax Inc. will add two 16-storey residential towers in 2015 to a recently completed 12-storey tower at its $250M construction project at Wright¿s Cove in Dartmouth. Also, a multimillion-dollar residential-commercial development will begin on the site of the former National Film Board building on Barrington Street in Halifax within a few weeks.
  • Southwest Properties will begin construction on the $500M, 10-year Seton Ridge retail and residential project in Rockingham in 2015. Pete¿s Fine Foods will open its fourth Halifax area grocery store in early 2017 in the new development.
Week of Aug 04 - Aug 08, 2014
  • The Gahan House will open in the Historic Properties in Halifax in September, and the pub will hire more than 50 workers. Resumes are being accepted for positions as hosts, servers, bartenders, dishwashers, line cooks and managers.
  • Dartmouth-based wind turbine manufacturer Seaforth Energy Inc. has laid off its staff as it deals with financial difficulties and tries to sell the company. While the exact number of employees is not known, there were about 20 workers with the company in 2013.
  • Chop¿s Meat Market has opened on Wright Avenue in Burnside
Week of Jul 28 - Aug 01, 2014
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