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Chemists  (NOC 2112)
Halifax Region
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Chemists conduct research and analysis in support of industrial operations, product and process development, quality control, environmental control, medical diagnosis and treatment, biotechnology and other applications. They also conduct theoretical, experimental and applied research into basic chemical and biochemical processes to create or synthesize new products and processes. Chemists are employed in research, development and quality control laboratories; chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries; mineral, metal and pulp and paper industries; and a wide variety of manufacturing, utility, health, educational and government establishments.

agricultural chemist, analytical chemist, bioanalytical chemist, biochemist, chemist, clinical chemist, coatings chemist, electrochemist, environmental chemist, food chemist, inorganic chemist, medical biochemist – medicine, medicinal chemist, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopist, oceanographic chemist, organic chemist, organic mass spectrometrist, organometallic chemist, pharmacological chemist, physical chemist, polymer chemist, quality control chemist, research chemist, soil chemist, textile chemist, theoretical chemist.

Chemists perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Analyze, synthesize, purify, modify and characterize chemical or biochemical compounds
  • Develop and conduct programs of analysis to ensure quality control of raw materials, chemical intermediates or final products
  • Conduct programs of sample and data collection and analysis to identify and quantify environmental toxicants
  • Conduct research to develop new chemical formulations and processes and devise new technical applications of industrial chemicals and compounds
  • Conduct research to discover, develop and refine, and evaluate new products
  • Conduct fundamental and applied research into the synthesis and properties of chemical compounds and the mechanisms of chemical reactions
  • Investigate chemical aspects of the mechanisms of drug action, the diagnosis and treatment of disease, organ function and the assessment of health
  • Participate in interdisciplinary research and development projects working with chemical engineers, biologists, microbiologists, agronomists, geologists or other professionals
  • Act as technical consultant in a particular field of expertise
  • May participate in the commercialization of new products
  • May supervise other chemists and chemical technicians and technologists.
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Halifax, Dartmouth, Brookside, Goodwood, Hammonds Plains Road, Hatchet Lake, Lake Echo, Uplands Park

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Outlook & Prospects for Chemists in Halifax Region

The future forecast and current conditions for an occupation can vary based on location or due to changes in the economy, technology, or demand for a product or service.

Local Employment Potential Information

Limited : LimitedFair : FairGood : Good
Table on the employment potential for Chemists in Halifax Region as well as in the rest of the Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Halifax Region Fair   (2 of 3 stars) 2011-05-31

Currently the chances of qualified Chemists finding employment are considered to be fair in the local area. There are very few employers for this occupation in the Metro Halifax area. Ocean Nutrition Canada, with locations in Halifax and Mulgrave, employs analytical chemists, organic chemists, biochemists, and natural-product chemists within its Research and Development laboratories. It is the largest commercial research and development lab in Eastern Canada. Chemists are also conducting research at Dalhousie and Saint Mary's University as well, with the help of funding through organizations such as the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

In addition to employment opportunities locally, opportunities may exist in other areas of the province or in other regions of the country. People who are able to work elsewhere may want to research opportunities for this occupation in other labour markets within Nova Scotia and across the country. The future employment outlook for Chemists in Nova Scotia is expected to be fair over the next 5 years.

Additional information on Chemists (opportunities in other areas, training, who hires, current job openings, statistics and other information), is available on other parts of this web site.

Local Labour Market News

Week of Jul 14 - Jul 18, 2014
  • International health informatics and software development company Global Village Consulting Inc. hopes to create up to 25 positions in Halifax over five years with the help of a provincial payroll rebate. Consultants, human resources personnel, and systems experts will be among the positions.
  • Southwest Properties will begin construction of buildings in 2015 on the $500M Motherhouse property development in Rockingham. The project will take several years to complete, and will include 1,976 residential units.
  • A $21M roadway construction project at Halifax Stanfield International Airport has begun and will be completed in mid-year 2015. Dartmouth-based Brycon Construction Ltd. was awarded the contract.
  • Dartmouth-based Wartsila Canada Inc. and Canadian Maritime Engineering Ltd. have been awarded federal contracts totalling more than $2M for system design, refits, and conversions on Fisheries and Oceans Canada vessels
Week of Jun 30 - Jul 04, 2014 Week of Jun 23 - Jun 27, 2014 Week of Jun 16 - Jun 20, 2014
  • Construction will begin in the spring of 2015 on a $140M development in downtown Halifax, which will house a new YMCA and contain residential and commercial space. The YMCA is expected to open in late 2017 or early 2018.
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