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Editors  (NOC 5122)
Cape Breton Region
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Outlook & Prospects for Editors in Cape Breton Region

The future forecast and current conditions for an occupation can vary based on location or due to changes in the economy, technology, or demand for a product or service.

Provincial Employment Potential Information

The following table identifies employment conditions within Nova Scotia.

questionUndetermined : UndeterminedLimited : LimitedFair : FairGood : Good
Table on the employment potential for Editors in Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Nova Scotia Limited   (1 of 3 stars) 2014-05-15

For the 2013-2015 projection period, employment opportunities will be limited for Editors (NOC 5122) in Nova Scotia. Compared with all other occupations, this occupation is expected to experience weaker employment growth. This, in addition to fewer workers retiring, is expected to limit employment opportunities.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, the average age for this occupation in Nova Scotia was 45 years and 32% of workers were 55 years old and older. Also, according to the Labour Force Survey, approximately 600 people worked in this occupation in 2013.

Table on the employment potential for Editors in Cape Breton Region as well as in the rest of the Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Annapolis Valley Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
Cape Breton Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
Halifax Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
North Shore Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
Southern Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31

Provincial / Territorial Labour Market News

Week of Oct 13 - Oct 17, 2014
  • HB Studios, a Lunenburg-based video game developer, has grown from having nine employees when it opened 14 years ago, to about 80 currently. The number of employees fluctuates slightly depending on the number of games in development.
Week of Jun 23 - Jun 27, 2014
  • DHX Media, a Halifax-based animation production company, is seeking 45 digital animators to add to its staff of 115 workers. The company continues to be active in producing television shows for industry leaders.
Week of May 05 - May 09, 2014
  • Bell Aliant will continue to expand its fibre optic network throughout Nova Scotia, with plans to hook up more than 4,000 homes and businesses in Liverpool and Shelburne in 2014
Week of Apr 07 - Apr 11, 2014
  • Analyze Re, a Halifax-based company offering software and data analysis, hopes to create up to 50 jobs over the next six years, with the assistance of a provincial government payroll-rebate program. The company currently has 13 employees, and hopes to expand in the areas of technical support and business development.
  • Eleven positions at CBC Halifax have been cut, as part of a national reduction. Many of the positions are in the design department, where props are constructed for television shows. A web design position has also been affected, and further cuts could arise in the coming weeks in sales and communications.
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