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Photographers  (NOC 5221)
Cape Breton Region
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Photographers operate still cameras to photograph people, events, scenes, materials, products and other subjects. Photographers are employed by photographic studios, newspapers, magazines, museums and government, or they may be self-employed.

aerial photographer, commercial photographer, forensic photographer, industrial photographer, photographer, photojournalist, portrait photographer, scientific photographer.

Photographers perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Study requirements of a particular assignment and decide on type of camera, film, lighting and background accessories to be used
  • Determine picture composition, make technical adjustments to equipment and photograph subject
  • May operate scanners to transfer photographic images to computers
  • May operate computers to manipulate photographic images
  • May adapt existing photographic images and create new digitized images to be included in multimedia/newmedia products
  • May use delicate instruments, such as optical microscopes attached to cameras
  • May process exposed film
  • May use airbrush, computer or other techniques to retouch negatives
  • Medical photographers may work closely with medical illustrators.

Photographers may specialize in areas such as portrait photography, commercial photography, scientific photography, forensic photography, medical photography, digitized photography, multimedia photography or photojournalism.

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Sydney, Port Hawkesbury, Belgiumtown, Bras d'Or, Bridgeport, Caledonia, Centreville Reserve Mines, Dominion, East Slope, Florence, Gannon Road, Glace Bay, Havenside, Hub, Kaneville, Little Bras d'Or, Louisbourg, McKays Corner, McLeods Crossing, Morien Hill, New Aberdeen, New Victoria, New Waterford, North Sydney, Passchendaele, Reserve Mines, Reserve Rows, River Ryan, Scotchtown, Steeles Hill, Sterling, Sydney Mines, Table Head, Tomkinsville

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Outlook & Prospects for Photographers in Cape Breton Region

The future forecast and current conditions for an occupation can vary based on location or due to changes in the economy, technology, or demand for a product or service.

Local Employment Potential Information

Limited : LimitedFair : FairGood : Good
Table on the employment potential for Photographers in Cape Breton Region as well as in the rest of the Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Cape Breton Region Limited   (1 of 3 stars) 2011-10-06

Currently the chances of qualified Photographers finding employment are considered to be limited in the local area. Most vacancies in the region are in portrait studios of department stores. Some photographers are employed full time by newspapers, but many are self employed or work freelance. Prospects are usually better in larger centres of the country where media production is concentrated.

Although employment opportunities locally are limited, opportunities may exist in other areas of the province or in other regions of the country. People who are able to work elsewhere may want to research opportunities for this occupation in other labour markets within Nova Scotia and across the country. The future employment outlook for Photographers in Nova Scotia is expected to be fair over the next 5 years.

Additional information on Photographers (opportunities in other areas, training, who hires, current job openings, statistics and other information), is available on other parts of this web site.

Local Labour Market News

Week of Jun 16 - Jun 20, 2014
  • Sydney-based Marcato Digital Solutions Ltd., which designs and sells software for musicians and festival operators, is looking to add four software developers to its team of 13. Due to difficulty attracting talent, the company is considering hiring developers in other parts of the world who would work remotely.
Week of Mar 24 - Mar 28, 2014
  • Slyce, a Toronto-based IT firm which integrates image recognition software with retailer mobile phone apps, will hire about 60 people over the coming weeks in the Sydney area and hopes to be operating by May. The company needs technical workers and support staff.
Week of Feb 18 - Feb 22, 2013
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