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Ministers of Religion  (NOC 4154)
Red Deer Region
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Ministers of religion conduct religious services, administer the rites of a religious faith or denomination, provide spiritual and moral guidance and perform other functions associated with the practice of a religion. Ministers of religion perform these duties in churches, synagogues, temples or other places of worship. They may also work in other institutions such as schools, hospitals and prisons.

archbishop, bishop, cardinal, chancellor, chaplain, evangelist, granthi, imam, minister, moderator, pastor, priest, rabbi.

Ministers of religion perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Conduct religious services
  • Administer rites of faiths such as marriages and funerals
  • Provide spiritual and moral guidance to members of a religious faith
  • Supervise, plan and administer programs of religious education
  • May participate in humanitarian endeavours, social services and welfare activities
  • May share in the administrative and financial operation of a religious community
  • May provide consultation services to government and other organizations.
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Red Deer, Blackfalds, Innisfail, Lacombe, Penhold, Ponoka, Rimbey, Sylvan Lake

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Outlook & Prospects for Ministers of Religion in Red Deer Region

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Table on the employment potential for Ministers of Religion in Red Deer Region as well as in the rest of the Alberta.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Red Deer Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-05-22

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According to the 2011 National Household Survey, the average age for this occupation in the Red Deer region was 47 years and 17% of workers were 55 years old and older.

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