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Musicians and Singers  (NOC 5133)
Iqaluit Region
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This unit group includes musicians, singers and teachers of vocal and instrumental music. Musicians and singers perform with orchestras, choirs, opera companies and popular bands in establishments such as concert halls, lounges and theatres and in film, television and recording studios. Music teachers teach in conservatories, academies and private homes.

accompanist, church organist, guitar player, instrumentalist, music teacher – musicians, musician, opera singer, percussionist, recording artist, rock singer, singer, vocalist.

The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:
  • Musicians play one or more instruments as soloists or as members of a musical group before audiences or for recording purposes.
  • Singers sing musical arrangements as soloists or as members of vocal groups before audiences or for recording purposes.
  • Teachers of music or voice teach technique, interpretation and music theory to students through private or group lessons.

Musicians and singers usually specialize in specific types of music such as classical, country, ethnic, jazz, opera or popular music.

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Table on the employment potential for Musicians and Singers in Iqaluit Region as well as in the rest of the Nunavut.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Iqaluit Region Undetermined 2014-07-18

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Week of Apr 30 - May 04, 2012
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