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Other Personal Service Occupations  (NOC 6484)
Annapolis Valley Region
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This unit group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, that provide psychic consulting, fortune telling, astrological services and other personal services. They are employed by call centres and personal service establishments, or are self-employed.

astrologer, chat line agent, dating service consultant, fortune teller, psychic consultant, psychic reader.

The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:
  • Astrologers chart and interpret stellar and planetary positions on a horoscope to predict future events and trends for a client or the general public.
  • Psychic consultants and related advisors provide personal advice to clients based on various schools of thought.
  • Other service providers included in this group offer a wide variety of personal services not elsewhere classified.
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Berwick, Bridgetown, Hantsport, Kentville, Middleton, Windsor, Wolfville

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Outlook & Prospects for Other Personal Service Occupations in Annapolis Valley Region

The future forecast and current conditions for an occupation can vary based on location or due to changes in the economy, technology, or demand for a product or service.

Local Employment Potential Information

Limited : LimitedFair : FairGood : Good
Table on the employment potential for Other Personal Service Occupations in Annapolis Valley Region as well as in the rest of the Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Annapolis Valley Region Limited   (1 of 3 stars) 2011-10-14

Currently the chances of workers in this occupation finding employment are limited because only a small number of people in this occupation are employed in the local area.

There are no employers in the local area. The few that work in this occupation locally are self-employed.

Although employment opportunities locally are limited, opportunities may exist in other areas of the province or in other regions of the country. People who are able to work elsewhere may want to research the opportunities for this occupation in other labour markets within Nova Scotia and across the country. The future employment outlook for workers in this occupation in Nova Scotia is expected to be limited over the next 5 years due to the small size of the occupation in the province.

Additional information on workers in this occupation (opportunities in other areas, training, who hires, current job openings, statistics and other information), is available on other parts of this web site.

Local Labour Market News

Week of Mar 17 - Mar 21, 2014
  • At least four employees will be required for the newly-formed Valley Regional Enterprise Network, including an executive director, economic development officers, and support staff. No decision has been reached upon location for the employees.
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