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Correspondence, Publication and Related Clerks  (NOC 1452)
North Shore Region
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Outlook & Prospects for Correspondence, Publication and Related Clerks in North Shore Region

The future forecast and current conditions for an occupation can vary based on location or due to changes in the economy, technology, or demand for a product or service.

Provincial Employment Potential Information

The following table identifies employment conditions within Nova Scotia.

questionUndetermined : UndeterminedLimited : LimitedFair : FairGood : Good
Table on the employment potential for Correspondence, Publication and Related Clerks in Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Nova Scotia Limited   (1 of 3 stars) 2014-05-15

For the 2013-2015 projection period, employment opportunities will be limited for Correspondence, Publication and Related Clerks (NOC 1452) in Nova Scotia. Compared with all other occupations, this occupation is expected to experience weaker employment growth. This, in addition to fewer workers retiring, is expected to limit employment opportunities.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, the average age for this occupation in Nova Scotia was 40 years and 10% of workers were 55 years old and older. Also, according to the Labour Force Survey, less than 500 people worked in this occupation in 2013.

Table on the employment potential for Correspondence, Publication and Related Clerks in North Shore Region as well as in the rest of the Nova Scotia.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Annapolis Valley Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
Cape Breton Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
Halifax Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
North Shore Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31
Southern Region Undetermined   (Undetermined) 2014-07-31

Provincial / Territorial Labour Market News

Week of Dec 08 - Dec 12, 2014
  • GoSecure Atlantic, an IT security firm, plans to add to its workforce of nine computer security experts in Dartmouth and will be hiring new graduates. The company will benefit from a provincial government payroll rebate program if it creates up to 100 positions over five years, including five in the first year.
  • Modern Shanghai Bistro has opened on Quinpool Road in Halifax
  • About 150 workers, down from a peak of 200 during the summer, are currently employed on the construction of the 34-turbine South Canoe Wind farm near New Ross. According to a spokesperson, the project should be completed during the first quarter of 2015.
  • Front and Central restaurant in Wolfville will close in December, and has cited financial reasons. Sixteen employees, mostly part-time, will be affected.
  • Heritage Gas continues to expand its natural gas network in Nova Scotia. The company will begin constructing a storage facility and a 7.5-kilometre in-ground pipeline in Antigonish in the spring of 2015, and will begin delivering to customers by the fall. Gas will be trucked to the station and distributed throughout the town by the pipeline.
  • Canada's trade agreement with South Korea may benefit Dartmouth-based SimplyCast. The software development company is in the process of establishing partnerships in that country, which could result in 40 to 50 jobs in Nova Scotia.
  • Seven Days Bouldering, a rock-climbing facility with a café, will open on Gottingen Street in Halifax in the first quarter of 2015
  • Significant employment would result if three major projects in eastern Nova Scotia go ahead over the next few years. The Goldboro LNG plant, the Maher Milford terminal, and the Black Point Quarry remain in the planning stages.
Week of Dec 01 - Dec 05, 2014 Week of Nov 24 - Nov 28, 2014 Week of Nov 17 - Nov 21, 2014
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