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By-Law Enforcement and Other Regulatory Officers, n.e.c.  (NOC 6463)
South Coast--Burin Peninsula Region
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Officers and inspectors in this unit group enforce by-laws and regulations of provincial and municipal governments. They are employed by provincial and municipal governments and agencies.

animal control officer, by-law enforcement officer, commercial transport inspector, garbage collection inspector, liquor licence inspector, parking control officer, property standards inspector, taxi inspector, zoning inspector.

The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:
  • Animal control officers respond to citizen complaints concerning stray domestic animals, livestock and wildlife; issue warnings and citations to owners; and impound lost, homeless and dangerous animals.
  • By-law enforcement officers enforce municipal and provincial regulations, investigate complaints, and issue warnings and citations to commercial and residential property owners and occupants.
  • Commercial transport inspectors inspect commercial vehicles to ensure compliance with regulations governing load restrictions, the transportation of hazardous materials and public safety.
  • Garbage collection inspectors investigate complaints concerning infractions of garbage collection by-laws.
  • Liquor licence inspectors conduct inspections of licensed establishments, advise licencees on laws and regulations, and report contravention of laws and regulations to provincial liquor control boards and agencies.
  • Parking control officers enforce parking by-laws on city streets, regional roads and municipal properties.
  • Taxi inspectors inspect taxicabs for mechanical reliability, cleanliness, licensing and meter accuracy; investigate public complaints, issue citations and prepare reports; and give evidence to city councils, taxi commissions and in court.
  • Zoning inspectors investigate properties in violation of zoning and related by-laws, after receiving requests for licence clearances pertaining to zoning and related by-laws, and on receipt of building permit applications.

By-law enforcement officers may specialize in the enforcement of one specific by-law.

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Bulls Cove, Burgeo, Channel-Port aux Basques, Fortune, Grand Bank, Harbour Breton, Harbour Mille, Marystown

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Outlook & Prospects for By-Law Enforcement and Other Regulatory Officers, n.e.c. in South Coast--Burin Peninsula Region

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Local Employment Potential Information

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Table on the employment potential for By-Law Enforcement and Other Regulatory Officers, n.e.c. in South Coast--Burin Peninsula Region as well as in the rest of the Newfoundland and Labrador.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
South Coast--Burin Peninsula Region Limited   (1 of 3 stars) 2012-02-22


According to the 2006 Census, only a small number of people are employed in this occupation in the South Coast-Burin region. Therefore, it is likely that the chances of finding employment in this occupation are LIMITED. This means that there are relatively weak employment opportunities for skilled workers in this occupation. Although employment opportunities are limited in the South Coast-Burin region, opportunities may exist in other regions of the province. People who are interested in work elsewhere should research the opportunities for this occupation in other labour markets across the province.

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