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Meteorological Technicians  (NOC 2213)
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Meteorological technicians observe weather and atmospheric conditions, record and interpret meteorological data, transmit and report on recorded information, and provide meteorological information and advice to the general public, the transportation industry and the media. They are employed by the Atmospheric Environment Service of Environment Canada and by the armed forces, private consulting companies, resource and utility companies and by provincial governments.

aerological technician, avalanche controller, climate data processor, climate service specialist, climate service technician, ice service specialist, meteorological inspector, meteorological technician, officer-in-charge, weather station, operations technician, weather station, surface weather observer, weather service specialist.

Meteorological technicians perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Observe, record and transmit atmospheric and weather information including air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, cloud and ultraviolet conditions
  • Observe, chart and report on ice conditions in navigable waters
  • Provide weather information to various users such as pilots, farmers, shipping industries and news media
  • Inspect and service various weather service installations and maintain equipment and instruments
  • Analyze and interpret weather data
  • Maintain climatological databases and participate in the production of weather maps and charts
  • Observe snow conditions and participate in programs to control avalanches in mountainous terrain.
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Fredericton, Nackawic, Oromocto

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Outlook & Prospects for Meteorological Technicians in Fredericton--Oromocto

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Local Employment Potential Information

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Table on the employment potential for Meteorological Technicians in Fredericton--Oromocto as well as in the rest of the New Brunswick.
Location Employment Potential Release Date
Fredericton--Oromocto Undetermined 2014-07-31

Employment outlooks have been determined at the provincial level for New Brunswick.

Local Labour Market News

Week of Aug 04 - Aug 08, 2014
  • Cedar Tree Café, a Mediterranean-style restaurant in downtown Fredericton, has closed
Week of Jul 28 - Aug 01, 2014 Week of Jul 21 - Jul 25, 2014 Week of Jul 14 - Jul 18, 2014
  • The Blue Door restaurant and bar will reopen in Fredericton under new ownership this month, with a staff of 16 people
  • The Oromocto Health Clinic will open in November, employing a physician, two nurse practitioners, several nurses, a dietitian, a social worker and administrative staff
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