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  • Start date: 2019-10-21, End date: 2019-10-25
    Week of Oct 21 - Oct 25, 2019

    The Paderno Factory Store in Moncton will permanently close on November 3rd. Located at 35 Plaza Blvd., the store will conduct a liquidation sale until it closes.
    Workers at the government-managed Fundy Linen walked off the job in protest, after two employees were told to leave by the plant manager. A CUPE union representative stated that tensions have been high, as management has been regularly performing worker's duties at the Lorneville laundry facility, while union members sit at home without any hours.
    Workers from Brunswick Smelter in Belledune have been without a collective agreement since February and have been picketing for nearly six months. The company says economic changes have impacted profits and wants the union to accept various concessions.
    According to the Association of Atlantic Universities' preliminary survey of 16 Atlantic Canadian universities, there has been a 20% increase in international students in the region. P.E.I. saw an increase of 5.8% and N.B enrolment went up 0.8%.
    The province's hospital and nursing home laundry workers have been ordered back to work, after walking off the job and protesting outside Saint John Laundry. The Labour and Employment Board ruled that the walkout was illegal.
  • Start date: 2019-10-14, End date: 2019-10-18
    Week of Oct 14 - Oct 18, 2019

    Saint John's 278 outside and 150 inside city workers, as well as the police force's 147 officers, say they won't accept a wage freeze. The mayor has stated that the city is in a financial crisis and that without wage freezes there could be job losses.
    Fredericton's new police chief is planning to restructure its police force in order to get more officers where and when they are most needed. The police force is also going to hire 10 new officers over the next two years, bringing its numbers up to 115.
    The Construction Association of New Brunswick says the industry will have a worker shortage of 29% by 2028, with about 7,400 skilled workers retiring and only 4,500 people replacing them during that time. The association has spent $150K to promote the trades in schools.
    UNB's Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence held their official ribbon-cutting at the Custom Fabricators and Machinists shop on Saint John's east side. On display was a new $1M 3D printer, which can manufacture and certify marine parts.
    The Anglophone East School District states that it is struggling to hire full-time psychologists in the province. Their budget allows them to have six on staff, but currently they only have two full-timers. The teachers' association reports that school psychologists in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia make $30,000 a year more than they do in New Brunswick, and also work a shorter year.
  • Start date: 2019-10-07, End date: 2019-10-11
    Week of Oct 07 - Oct 11, 2019

    Captain Dan's, a seafood processing company that employs over 100 people in Bouctouche and 200 more in Cap-Lumière, has been bought by a Montreal-based company. Workers will not be affected, as the company plans to expand its markets further and grow.
    Workers at Shannex's Thomas Hall in Fredericton, who are seeking cost-of-living increases from their employer, voted in favour of striking this week. The 70 staff have been without a contract since last fall and there have been no negotiations since June.
    The New Brunswick Association of Residential Agencies says low funding is making it hard to hire and retain staff, and are putting homes in disrepair. Base salary for staff is $15.05 an hour and funding for the homes haven't matched rising costs.
    Jobs Canada Fair will host a job fair at the Hilton Saint John on Wednesday, October 23rd. Various recruiters, companies, associations and employment agencies will be on hand. To register for the job fair or for more details go to
    Moncton council outlined its new five-year strategy to boost immigration. The report suggests that 17,000 people could retire in 10 to 15 years and the region needs up to 3,500 immigrants per year in order to maintain economic growth.
    Saint John unveiled a 30-year plan, which if adopted will provide a long-term vision for the uptown, south end and Waterloo Village. Growth targets include adding 1,200 new residential units, 3,000 new residents, 350 new businesses, and 4,000 more jobs.
    According to the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources New Brunswick, there are labour shortages in the province within the human resources field. One recruiter states that there is greater demand for HR expertise in specialized fields such as technology and cybersecurity, and that more people are needed to replace the growing number of retirees.
    Moncton has issued $213M worth of building permits over the first nine months of 2019. The city has expanded downtown development incentives, has two downtown hotels being built, issued permits for 13 apartment buildings and other large developments.
  • Start date: 2019-09-30, End date: 2019-10-04
    Week of Sep 30 - Oct 04, 2019

    There will be a shortage of 120,000 workers in New Brunswick before the end of the next decade. The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour is using the FutureReadyNB program to keep graduates in the province, follow them throughout their studies, and connect them with employers.
    The labour dispute between the City of Bathurst and its unionized employees is over after almost two years of negotiations. Salary was the last outstanding issue, and the offer of 1.6% over five years was accepted by the employees.
    The New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions shared details of the NB government's final offer to its nursing home staff. Wages increases of one, 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75% each year over four years is being offered, if workers give up two sick days a year.
    Oyster producers in Tracadie Bay have seen a big drop in the volume of oysters this year. A study is being done by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to determine the cause of the decline. A long winter and poor water conditions may have impacted production.
    Sunleaf Microcultivation has been approved to be a licensed cannabis producer in the St. Stephen area. Sunleaf is the second cannabis producer in the area, with Tidal Health Solutions already employing about 30 people in cannabis production.
    It is expected that in the spring, Medavie HealthEd will be offering an English-language paramedic training in the Campbellton-Dalhousie area. The duration of the program would be about 11 months and would cost around $16,500, including tuition and books.
    Sandra Miller Flower Designs has moved to a larger store location at 47 Clark Rd in Rothesay, N.B. and has added two new staff
    Saint John-based ARC Nuclear Canada has completed the first step toward the construction of a reactor manufacturing plant in New Brunswick. If successful, work could begin as early as 2021 and could potentially create 6,000 new manufacturing jobs.
    Cape Bald Packers are building a new 50,000 sq. ft. seafood processing plant in Cap-Pelé, in the same spot where the previous one stood. It is expected to be ready by May 2020 and will employ 300 staff. The plant in Richibucto-Village will not be rebuilt.
    Unionized residential care workers at four Independence Plus-operated group homes in Saint John have voted in favour of a strike. The previous contract expired in March 2018 and workers want higher wages than the standard $15.05 an hour full-time workers earn.
    Statistics Canada estimates that New Brunswick's population grew to 776,827 as of July 1, 2019, mainly due to international migration. The addition of 5,906 people in one year, represents a 0.8% increase, which is lower than the national increase of 1.4%.
    Entrevestor released the Atlantic Canadian Startup Data Report 2018, which shows that startups attracted a record $166.6M in private capital and added about 1,000 employees in 2018. In New Brunswick, startups raised $84.7M and employed 1, 479 people.
  • Start date: 2019-09-23, End date: 2019-09-27
    Week of Sep 23 - Sep 27, 2019

    The latest data from Statistics Canada indicates that there was a 4.9% jump in employment insurance recipients in New Brunswick from June to July. The Saint John area had the largest jump in the country, with 16.2% more recipients than the previous month.
    The University of New Brunswick has become an official partner in Siemens Canada's Dual Education Program. Engineering, computer science and technology students involved in the 16-month program, will get paid work experience and networking opportunities.
    Some oyster producers in the Tracadie region lost more than half of their production this year. A scientific study is underway to determine the possible causes of these losses.
    Sunset Grill, an Ontario-based breakfast and lunch chain, will open a restaurant in Saint John at the East Point Shopping Centre. This will be the first Sunset Grill location in New Brunswick when it opens in December.
    Moncton-based Prelam Enterprises has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with cannabis producer Zenabis, for its cannabis odour remover LUKY8. The company expects that with a more national reach, the volume of their product will increase.
  • Start date: 2019-09-16, End date: 2019-09-20
    Week of Sep 16 - Sep 20, 2019

    Wrapcity Gourmet, a sandwich shop at 40 Wyse Street in Moncton¿s north end, closed down this month after opening in the Mapleton Centre last winter
    Global Pet Foods¿ eighth New Brunswick location is set to open this November in the Miramichi Power Centre on Douglastown Boulevard. Miramichi already has two other pet specialty retailers, PetSmart and Pet-Valu.
    Moncton's Ashford Group has bought various downtown lots in recent weeks, including the 20-storey Assumption Place tower and a former downtown jail. The company plans to develop more retail, restaurants, office space and residential units.
    Irving Oil has secured the naming rights for Saint John¿s new multi-sport facility and will now be called the Irving Oil Field House. The company contributed $2M toward the construction of the $27M structure.
    Patchell Brook, a financial technology company out of Miramichi, has received $360K in investment which will be used to develop additional products and to support further expansion. The company¿s StockCalc software helps clients perform equity valuation.
    Mountain Warehouse Canada, a British outdoor clothing and equipment store, will be opening a location in McAllister Place this fall. The company will be holding a job fair in September to fill manager, supervisory, and sales positions.
    Lindt Chocolate announced that it will be opening a new store in Moncton this fall at Mapleton Centre. The company¿s website has postings for a retail store manager and assistant store manager for the Moncton location.
  • Start date: 2019-09-09, End date: 2019-09-13
    Week of Sep 09 - Sep 13, 2019

    McAllister Place announced that Labels Clothing fashions will open a new retail location in the mall this month. The Saint John mall has also been busy redeveloping the former Sears space and expects it to be ready for retailers by 2021.
    Following heavy rainfall from Hurricane Dorian, DFO stated that a large number of Maritime shellfish fisheries will be closed for at least a week, due to contamination concerns. Areas along New Brunswick's eastern and northeastern coasts will be closed.
    According to the Manpower Group Employment Outlook Survey, most Saint John employers surveyed plan to maintain staffing levels and 7% plan to hire more staff in the fourth quarter of 2019. The remaining 13% of employers surveyed anticipate cutting back on staff.
    According to a Statistics Canada report, New Brunswick has the highest proportion of people aged 65 and older in Canada, at 20.8%. The report states that many young people are moving to other provinces which has been a contributing factor to the skilled worker shortage in New Brunswick.
  • Start date: 2019-09-02, End date: 2019-09-06
    Week of Sep 02 - Sep 06, 2019

    The Government of Canada is providing $1M to a fundraising campaign for a palliative care home in Moncton. The provincial government had promised in June to provide $1M to the project if the federal government did the same. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2020.
    The District scolaire francophone Sud is still experiencing a shortage of staff. There is a serious shortage of bus drivers, substitute teachers, and janitors, particularly in the Miramichi, Saint John, and Fredericton regions.
    Halifax-based Natural Forces has been selected by Saint John Energy to build, own and operate a $60M wind farm in Saint John's west side. The project will install up to 10 turbines, create 100 construction jobs and is expected to be operational by 2021.
    ACOA has provided $62,500 to Ébénisterie Foxwoods Millwork Inc., enabling the Beresford company to purchase new equipment and improve efficiencies. Foxwood is now better equipped to handle larger orders and has recently secured a large new contract.
    Gemba Software Solutions, a Saint John-headquartered company, has secured $2.9M in funding from various Atlantic Canadian firms. The company will use the funding to help increase its sales efforts and grow revenue.
  • Start date: 2019-08-26, End date: 2019-08-30
    Week of Aug 26 - Aug 30, 2019

    In Restigouche County, the competition between employers trying to recruit workers is fierce. Four companies, Zenabis, Hart, Giant Tiger and Canadian Tire, have created nearly 500 jobs in the past two years, reducing the labour pool for other companies.
    Canadian lobster exports to China jumped following reprisals against the United States. Canada exported nearly US$200M from January to June this year and is expected in 2019 to exceed the total of US$223M established in 2018. US exports decreased by 80% over the same period.
    Hartland-based Craig Manufacturing will receive $500K in funding from ACOA, which it will use to invest in more advanced CNC machining equipment. The investment will enable Craig to be more productive, competitive, and create more high skilled jobs.
    Distillerie Fils du Roy, a spirits maker in Petit-Paquetville, is expanding again. The company is building the first malt house in New Brunswick and is also building a lab to produce its own yeast. They currently employ eight full-time staff year-round.
    A new population growth strategy was announced in Saint John by the minister of post-secondary education, labour and training. The strategy lays out a goal of attracting 7,500 newcomers a year with a one-year retention rate of 85 percent by 2024.
    The Higgs government is taking legal action to wrest a partly built dry dock in the Bas-Caraquet shipyard from a Quebec company, claiming the province has invested more than $10 million in the project, while the company hasn't created any more jobs
    APEC's Atlantic Currents report states that N.B. recorded the highest growth in retail sales in Atlantic Canada and the largest decline in manufacturing sales in Canada. The province has had moderate growth and employment has stabilized over five years.
  • Start date: 2019-08-19, End date: 2019-08-23
    Week of Aug 19 - Aug 23, 2019

    A new report called Signs of the Times: Expert insights about employment in 2030, looks at how Canada¿s labour market could evolve over the next decade. Experts explored how technological, social and environmental trends could create new needs for services, skills, and jobs.
    Atelier Gérard Beaulieu (AGB), a Saint-Quentin metalworking and manufacturing company, received $500K in funding from ACOA. The N.B. company plans to purchase new production equipment in order to increase exports and maintain jobs for its 50 workers.
    ACOA will administer $10M in funding in Atlantic Canada for the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy. Money will be invested in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are women-owned or led. The strategy aims to double the number of female businesses across the country by 2025.
    K&M Saffron Tea House, opened this month at 575 Main Street in Moncton, N.B. The owners are newcomers, who sell tea using herbs from their native Iran, as well as sweet treats and sandwiches. K&M are looking to hire servers to begin work in the fall.
    The particleboard operation at the St. Stephen Arauco plant will be shutting down by the end of 2019, resulting in the loss of 60 to 75 jobs. Arauco¿s Fibrex operation will keep going with its staff of 120 and some affected employees may be shifted over.
    The federal government has written off the balance of two multimillion-dollar loans given to Irving-owned Atlantic Wallboard in Saint John. ACOA closed the file in March after deciding that the amount "has not been and likely will never be repaid"
  • Start date: 2019-08-12, End date: 2019-08-16
    Week of Aug 12 - Aug 16, 2019

    A report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) states that Prince Edward Island had approximately 1,000 unfilled private-sector jobs in the second quarter of 2019. This compares to 7,400 in New Brunswick, 7,100 in Nova Scotia and 3,000 in Newfoundland and Labrador.
    Richibucto's Imperial Manufacturing received $500K in funding from ACOA and the Province of New Brunswick to purchase new equipment. The company may hire an additional 15 staff while maintaining 465 well-paying jobs in the region.
    The Saint John Field House will open in stages with the lobby and YMCA day care to open on September 3 and the rest of the facility to open September 16. The track and field area is scheduled to be operational by mid-October.
    New Brunswick paramedics are being offered double overtime pay by Medavie Health Services as a temporary measure to fill positions during the summer when there are fewer paramedics available. The paramedics' union is calling for higher wages to attract and retain workers. There are about 150 open positions in the province.
    The City of Bathurst and the union representing 22 administrative employees will head back to the bargaining table, 2 weeks after workers were locked out. A mediator has been appointed by the province. CUPE says the main issues are wages and working conditions.
    Fredericton-based Introhive will receive nearly $970K through ACOA to support its efforts to expand into global markets. The funding will go into product development and to train its sales staff. Introhive has offices in four countries and employs 174 staff.
    Rothesay-based Pomodori Pizzeria will open its first franchise location in Moncton, at 686 St. George Boulevard, at the end of October. Known for its wood-fired pizza, the restaurant will also feature a casual bar area.
    SomaDetect, a New Brunswick-based milk quality and dairy data company, has attracted $2M in funding from various North American investors. The money will allow SomaDetect to further grow and develop its sensor technology for the dairy industry.
    The Government of Canada provided $157 045 to Unique Windows in St-Jacques for the purchase of automated equipment and the hiring of an operations and quality assurance manager
  • Start date: 2019-08-05, End date: 2019-08-09
    Week of Aug 05 - Aug 09, 2019

    UNB will launch its first I-STEM cohort in October 2019. I-STEM uses a Lean Startup training program to enhance the ability of researchers and graduate students to bring their innovations to market while improving UNB¿s ability to market its own innovations.
    A nurse practitioner in Fredericton is trying to create a niche for herself alongside the provincial health-care system. Access Point Health is a private part-time virtual health clinic in Fredericton, charging $48 for a 20 minute virtual appointment.
    A new development called The Telegraph will be built from the foundation of a parking garage in uptown Saint John. The building will be on the corner of Canterbury and Grannan Streets, and will have 32 residential units and street-level business space.
    Wabanaki Maple, a maple syrup manufacturer at the edge of Neqotkuk, won a $30K grant that will enable it to expand and buy needed equipment. The plant currently employs three people and hopes to hire more people from the community.
    New Brunswick¿s Health Minister says that nursing graduates looking for full-time jobs should look for work in rural areas. With 140 full-time job openings in the province, it is often casual job opportunities that are available in the cities.
    The Moncton airport received $8.3M from the federal government to expand its de-icing pad. Once completed, passenger and cargo planes will be able to be de-iced at the same time and will enable the airport to expand its cargo-operations.
  • Start date: 2019-07-29, End date: 2019-08-02
    Week of Jul 29 - Aug 02, 2019

    The Government of New Brunswick presented their new nursing strategy on Tuesday. The strategy includes 21 measures, including the recruitment of internationally trained staff and an improved degree equivalency system.
    Thirty-seven temporary layoff notices were issued to employees working at the Bas-Caraquet shipyard on July 17th. The shipyard is operated by Groupe Océan, who offered NB employees the option to apply to jobs at one of their other facilities.
    The federal government will be investing $40 million to improve internet service and reliability in New Brunswick. Xplorenet Communications, a company based out of Woodstock, N.B., will begin the installation of 3000 km of fibre op next year.
    The federal and New Brunswick governments have committed $4M to resurface Highway 114 this summer. The work will include resurfacing 18.7 kilometers of highway and culvert repairs, and will go to tender later this week.
    The New Brunswick government is hoping to hire 130 nurses per year for the next 10 years to address the current nursing shortage. According to Horizon Health Network, there are currently 200 nursing vacancies at their hospitals across the province.
    A family of Syrian refugees, who opened a Middle-Eastern grocery and clothing store in Moncton in 2016, opened a new grocery store in Saint John last week. The owner started the stores to help fill a gap in Middle-Eastern products in New Brunswick.
  • Start date: 2019-07-22, End date: 2019-07-26
    Week of Jul 22 - Jul 26, 2019

    C2 Solar Ltd. has filed for approval for a large-scale solar farm to be built south of Bathurst. It is expected that construction of the farm will employ 40-60 people, and that full-time and part-time employees will be hired for operational purposes.
    The Government of Canada announced that they will be investing over $4.6 million in 4 New Brunswick small-craft fishing habours. The investment will be used for various dredging and construction infrastructure projects at the four sites.
    A business incubator organization, Propel, received $2.2M in funding from ACOA so it can offer programs to Atlantic Canada technology entrepreneurs over the next 3 years. Propel evaluates product ideas, and helps develop sales and marketing plans.
    A new venue opened this month at 32 Grannan Street, which will host various events such as live music and entertainment. The Public House will operate out of the former Yuk Yuk¿s Comedy Club in uptown Saint John and can hold up to 240 people.
    A pop-up container bar called Le Barbu, has opened up in a pedestrian-only area at Place 1604 in Dieppe. The owners operate the bar out of one container and a second container houses an arcade. The plan is to shut down on Sept 1 and re-open next summer.
    Saint John-based Simply For Life is converting a 18,000 sq. ft. space at 643 Rothesay Ave into a new headquarters. The new facility should open next April and will have a café, a market, a production kitchen, a training area, and may add up to 20 new jobs.
    Moncton¿s building permit values for the second quarter of 2019 was $87M, compared to $128M for the same period last year. There was a significant drop in government and institutional spending, while commercial building permits were valued at $56.7M.
    According to the office vacancy rates numbers released by Turner Drake & Partners, Moncton has the lowest office vacancy rate in Atlantic Canada at 7.96%. In comparison, Saint John¿s vacancy rate was 18.26%, Halifax was 14.62%, and St. John¿s was 17.64%.
    Bathurst¿s mayor locked out 20 unionized administrative staff on July 25, after contract negotiations stalled. CUPE, which represents the workers, state that working conditions and wages are the main issues. The previous contract expired on December 31, 2016.
    The CIBC customer contact centre in Fredericton announced that it plans to hire 90 new personal banking representatives and customer service representatives over the next year. The call centre currently has 300 people on staff.
  • Start date: 2019-07-15, End date: 2019-07-19
    Week of Jul 15 - Jul 19, 2019

    Salisbury-based Petz International Ltd. will buy new freeze dry production equipment with the help of ACOA. With the increased level of production another six new jobs will be created. The company produces high-end natural treats for the pet industry.
    A news clothing store opened at 134 Lansdowne Ave. in Saint John called Women's Zone. The store will sell Muslim women's fashion such as scarves, coats and dresses. The owners of the store received funding through Hive Saint John, which assists newcomers.
    The Quebec based breakfast chain Pür & Simple opened a new location in Edmundston on July 16. The chain has been expanding across New Brunswick and had opened restaurants in Dieppe and Saint John earlier this year.
    The owners of Power Play Daycare at 1240 Ryan Street have asked Moncton city council for a rezoning to allow for a second daycare to operate at 1220 Ryan Street. According to the urban planning director, that area of town is growing and lacks daycares.
    New Brunswick's premier is trying to work with Quebec to address barriers to trade jobs in that province. Workers in New Brunswick have been unable to secure work in Quebec in 50 trade disciplines because of different certification requirements. Trades affected include carpenters, drywallers, heavy equipment operators, and roofers.
    Fredericton-based Smart Skin Technologies has received about $4.5M in funding to expand its markets and to develop new quality assurance products used on production lines. Its products are designed for the pharmaceutical and beverage industries.
  • Start date: 2019-07-08, End date: 2019-07-12
    Week of Jul 08 - Jul 12, 2019

    Riverview's Red Stone Eatery announced on Facebook that it was closing its meal catering service and food truck operation. The owners didn't give a reason for the closure, but stated they were selling their assets and would be refunding customers.
    The N.B. government announced it will bring back a pilot program to convert licensed practical nurses into registered nurses, in order to address the nursing shortage in the province. The program will train 24 LPNs starting in January 2020, who will graduate in May 2022.
    Cannabis producer Organigram is busy expanding its product lines and factory space. The Moncton company will offer cannabis drinks and edibles by mid-December and upon completion of its expansion project in six months, will have 550,000 square feet of factory space.
    Dynamite, a women's clothing store in Fredericton's Regent Mall, will close on July 27. According to Dynamite's manager, the store was unable to renegotiate a new lease with the mall.
    The proposed Sisson mine project north of Fredericton has been given federal approval to use waterways through central New Brunswick as tailing ponds. The $579M tungsten and molybdenum mine is projected to create 500 short-term construction jobs and 300 long-term jobs over a 27 year period. Additional approvals are required before the project can proceed.
    The grand opening of TD's $50M Corporate Office at CF Champlain in Dieppe was held in July. The bank has already filled 200 finance jobs and has hired 320 contact centre workers. The company plans to create a total of 1,015 jobs at the new finance centre, comprised of 440 high-skilled finance jobs and 575 call centre jobs.
    Marshalls announced that it will be opening a new store in Fredericton's Uptown Centre on August 27. A job fair is scheduled to take place from July 18 to July 21 at the Fredericton Delta Hotel on Woodstock Road.
  • Start date: 2019-07-01, End date: 2019-07-05
    Week of Jul 01 - Jul 05, 2019

    East Coast Ferries resumed ferry service to New Brunswick's Campobello Island on June 28, 2019. The seasonal ferry hasn't operated in over a year, which has impacted the tourism industry. The only other way to access the island has been through the U.S.
    The Government of Canada will invest $690K in Connors Bros., enabling the Blacks Harbour company to increase productivity with a new seafood packaging line and processing equipment. It will also help Connor Bros. to maintain jobs in the rural community.
    A U.S. probe into New Brunswick's private timberland has determined that provincial forest companies won't be hit with extra duties because of their low property taxes. The U.S. Department of Commerce accepted N.B.'s method in calculating property value.
    Loyalist City Brewing, a Saint John-based craft brewery, has opened a new storefront in order to sell their beer directly to the public. Located at 60 Water Street, the store will share space with Hampton Brewing Co, and will feature other local beers.
    A judge has upheld a New Brunswick labour board ruling regarding a section of the essential services legislation, which was found to be unconstitutional and needs to be amended. Once amended, nursing home workers will have the right to strike.
  • Start date: 2019-06-24, End date: 2019-06-28
    Week of Jun 24 - Jun 28, 2019

    The city of Fredericton issued a record-setting $73M worth of building permits from January to May 2019. Growth was mainly in private-sector projects, with 67% tied to commercial office projects, and less than 1% tied to government investments.
    Opportunities New Brunswick, the provincial government's lead job-creation agency, eliminated 24 full-time positions and decided not to renew five contract positions. Twenty people have been placed in other provincial jobs.
    According to a survey conducted by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission in the fall of 2018, 96% of those that graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2012, report that they were employed. Median earnings among the 2012 Maritime graduates were $58,000.
    Brunswick Smelter says a planned $64-million project at the Belledune facility is in jeopardy due to workforce dispute. The 280 unionized workers have been off the job for two months and can't agree on issues like their pension and early retirement.
    Dieppe and Moncton have introduced bylaws to implement a 3.5% hotel tax in August, with that money being used to fund tourism promotion. A third-party destination marketing organization will be established next year to oversee the use of the funds.
  • Start date: 2019-06-21, End date: 2019-06-25
    Week of Jun 21 - Jun 25, 2019

    Two years after having been destroyed by a fire, Les Logements du Village residence will be rebuilt in Paquetville. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation granted a loan of $1.18M for the project, and construction is scheduled to begin shortly.
  • Start date: 2019-06-17, End date: 2019-06-21
    Week of Jun 17 - Jun 21, 2019

    Murphy Hospitality Group has opened Gahan House Restaurant & Brewery in Moncton, NB. The 120-seat restaurant is located at 55 Queen Street and features an outdoor patio and a five-barrel brewing system. Forty staff have been hired prior to the opening.
    A developer is proposing to establish a commercial micro-cannabis production facility on the former Brookdale Nursery property in Newcastle. In order for the project to go ahead it would require a change in land use approval from the city.
    The Atlantic Immigrant Career Loan Fund was recently established to help newcomers in Atlantic Canada achieve credential recognition. Newcomers can borrow money to pay for training and related expenses, enabling them to work in their chosen field.
    Moncton may impose a levy of 3.5% on the price of tourism accommodations. The money collected will be used for tourism marketing, which could increase visitor spending by 4.7% per year to reach $625M in seven years. This tax could come into effect on August 1, 2019.
    Moncton's My Gym, a fitness centre for children, announced on Facebook that it will be closing on June 24 due to uncontrollable circumstances. The gym, located on George Street, has been in business for 10 years.
    The national chain, St. Louis Bar and Grill, will be opening a new location on King Street in Fredericton. There are four locations in Atlantic Canada and seven currently under construction. The Fredericton restaurant is expected to open by October 2019.
    Data from the Canadian Real Estate Association shows a 24.6% increase in home sales in May 2019, compared to May of last year. That represents about $216.8M in sales, led by Moncton at $87.4M, Fredericton at $67.6M and Saint John at $48M.
  • Start date: 2019-06-10, End date: 2019-06-14
    Week of Jun 10 - Jun 14, 2019

    The new three-year partnership between Netflix and the Alliance des producteurs francophones du Canada (APFC) will benefit the film and television industry. According to the APFC, more than 50 projects may be submitted to the production stage by 2020.
    Seasonal workers on the Acadian Peninsula hope to be better represented in the EI Commissioners' upcoming review of administrative regions. The Commissioner is expected to table the recommendations in September 2020.
    The owners of East Point Shopping, have received zoning approval from Saint John's planning officials, allowing it to build multi-unit residential buildings in parts of the 53-acre complex. Horizon Management's plan is to build 200 units in four buildings.
    The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association states that companies are struggling to find enough drivers and are recruiting more women and immigrants to the job. Drivers need to know about new technology, rules and regulations, and required rest stops.
    The University of Moncton is increasing tuition for current full-time undergraduate students by 2% and by 8% for newly enrolled and other students. Tuition for Canadian students will be $5,947 and $10,899 for international students.
    Westmount Developments unveiled its plans to build two towers with 94-rental units and ground-floor retail space on former CN property. The first tower will be ready in October 2020 and the second tower is expected to also break ground next year.
    The Saint John Field House has about 100 workers on site to complete the sports and recreation facility, which is on schedule to open in September 2019. At 127,000 square feet, it will be one of the largest field houses in Atlantic Canada.
    Turboplay, a New Brunswick startup company, has closed a round of seed funding led by The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation. The funds will be used to develop a gaming platform for independent content creators and to hire more staff such as developers.
    Fredericton based Chinova Bioworks, has created a natural food preservative to be used in the food and beverage market. The product will be first launched in the U.S. Chinova currently employs 11 staff, with plans to hire two more by the end of July.
    APEC is reporting that New Brunswick is the only Atlantic province to see a decline in investment spending. Investment values are expected to be 9% lower than last year due to $260M in provincial spending cuts and lower spending at the Irving refinery.
    NB Power has received $5.75M to create a major new green energy initiative and will establish the province's first Smart Energy Community Project. In Shediac 500 homes will be chosen to test new technologies, and evaluate cost and energy efficiencies.
    CCNB's Grand Falls paramedic program will be suspended this year due to low enrolment numbers. The program can accommodate up to 24 students, but only six registered for the fall session. Applicants will be offered a seat in Campbellton.
  • Start date: 2019-06-03, End date: 2019-06-07
    Week of Jun 03 - Jun 07, 2019

    Ambulance New Brunswick says they have filled jobs in the new hospital-transfer system and float teams, which were set up to address slow response times. Fifty unilingual paramedics were hired to do hospital transfers and 32 hired as float team members.
    Port Saint John is exporting more potash today than it did before the Sussex mine closed three years ago. In 2015 the port shipped 628,520 tonnes of potash, but with rail shipments coming from Saskatchewan, over a million tonnes were exported in 2018.
    New Brunswick's English education system is faced with a shortage of school psychologists, with only nine of 27 positions filled by psychologists. The NB College of Psychologists claim that the private sector offers better pay and working conditions.
    Saint John Energy is assessing bids for a proposed city wind farm that would be located near NB Power's Coleson Cove generating station. The company is expected to select a developer for its 10 turbine wind farm this summer and be operational by 2022.
    The shortage of school psychologists persists in N.B. According to information from school districts, 5 out of 20 positions are not filled in Francophone districts, but only 9 out of 26 positions are filled in Anglophone ones.
    The head of the Horizon Health Network states that New Brunswick has a critical nursing shortage and needs to hire 320 nurses a year over the next five years to maintain service levels. Recruiting internationally trained nurses is one possible solution.
    CaSA, a Quebec-based smart energy tech company, is opening offices in Saint John to begin work on Saint John Energy's new smart grid project. CaSA will open a field office employing four staff, then will open a larger office with a staff of 30 next year.
    According to Dieppe's project manager about 65% of the steel and foundation work has been completed on Dieppe's UNIplex. The $31M two rink project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2020 and is expected to employ up to 150 people over two years.
  • Start date: 2019-05-27, End date: 2019-05-31
    Week of May 27 - May 31, 2019

    Léon Chouinard & Fils Cie Ltée will purchase new equipment with the help of a $250K loan from ACOA. Located in Eel River Crossing, the funds will allow the modernization of its roof truss plant, increase productivity, and add at least two new jobs.
    Solargram Farms Corporation has decided not to proceed with their plans to operate an outdoor cannabis farm in Cap-Pelé. The Cap-Pelé village council had recently placed a six-month moratorium on cannabis farming, while it gathered more information.
    The provincial and federal governments announced that they will spend over $30M renovating more than 5,000 affordable housing units across New Brunswick and building another 151 units over three years. This is part of a 10 year action plan resulting from the bilateral housing agreement.
    Students enrolled at Atlantica College when it closed mid-May will be able to finish their 3D animation program at Saint John's Eastern College or get a tuition refund. New Brunswick's training completion fund protects students in private institutions.
    A new business called the Dooryard Co. opened this month on Ellen Street in Miramichi, and has hired a couple of staff. The Dooryard will specialize in selling fresh produce, smoothies, healthy packaged foods, as well as eco-friendly products.
  • Start date: 2019-05-20, End date: 2019-05-24
    Week of May 20 - May 24, 2019

    Lobster fishers in northeastern New Brunswick are unhappy with prices. According to the Maritime Fishermen's Union, prices this year started at $5.00 and $5.50 per pound in New Brunswick compared to $7.50 and $7.75 in the Gaspé Peninsula and $6.50 in Cape Breton.
    Mount Allison University's tuition is going up by 5.7%, which will see full-time Canadian students pay $8,770 in tuition. International students will pay 3% more or $18,130 in total. The University of New Brunswick's tuition is increasing by 5% to 25%.
    The DeMille Place project received $2.98M from the National Housing Co-Investment Fund to help fund the construction of a 21-unit apartment building in Hampton. Eight of the apartments will be subsidized units and five units will be fully-accessible.
    The Skilled Trades Exploration Program for Women (STEPW) initiative was launched this month, to recruit women into high-demand trades. Participants that successfully complete their courses at NBCC and an Irving apprenticeship, will be guaranteed a job.
    The federal government is contributing $11.9M towards refurbishing Saint John's sea wall and to prepare the former Coast Guard site for future uptown developments. The City of Saint John and Saint John Energy will fund the remainder of the project.
    Organigram has hired a team of chocolate makers to take the lead on the production of chocolate cannabis edibles when they're legalized for sales later this year. The Moncton-based cannabis producer will spend $15M to create an automated production line.
    Saint John's Atlantica College shut down suddenly this month after all computers were removed from the premises. According to Windsor Holdings the college was $30K in arrears. Students of the 3D animation program were supposed to keep their computers.
    The 280 unionized employees at Brunswick Smelter remain on strike, with no negotiations happening since the strike began four weeks ago. The union states that the main issue is that the employer wants to reduce its union and safety representation.
    Hooper's Convenience Store in Blacks Harbour has partnered with Sobeys and will expand to offer a greater variety of grocery items and will be re-named Hooper's Village Market. A restaurant will also be added, which would create up to 10 full-time jobs.
  • Start date: 2019-05-13, End date: 2019-05-17
    Week of May 13 - May 17, 2019

    Crab fishing licences from the Acadian Peninsula have been transferred to people from outside the province. According to the Fédération régionale acadienne des pêcheurs professionnels (FRAPP), eight licences have been transferred over the past eight years, representing a loss of 160 jobs.
    Miramichi is expected to have its first full-scale craft brewery open up this summer. Once renovations are done the New Maritime Beer Company will operate out of 55 Newcastle Boulevard and will have an on-site taproom. Timber Ship opened a nano-brewery in the city earlier this year.
    A new APEC study states that the population of the three Maritime provinces is growing at its fastest pace in decades, mainly from immigration and a reduced outflow to Alberta. P.E.I. has grown by 2% and N.B. by 0.5%, but have more seniors than youth.
    The Copper Branch opened on 200 Champlain St. in Dieppe this month. More locations are expected to open in Halifax, Fredericton, Saint John, and St. John's in the coming months. The restaurant features only plant-based and vegan food.
    New Brunswick is forecasting that it will need to recruit 120,000 workers over the next 10 years, due to a large number of retiring baby boomers, as well as a high unemployment rate in the province. There are already labour needs for seafood plant workers, general farm workers, transport truck drivers, food service workers, personal support workers, registered nurses and teachers.
  • Start date: 2019-05-06, End date: 2019-05-10
    Week of May 06 - May 10, 2019

    A Fredericton developer hopes to start construction on a 52-unit apartment building at 199 Queen Street this June and complete it in 2021. Fredericton's planning committee will meet on May 15 to discuss the height variance for the nine-storey building.
    The Greater Moncton International Airport posted a cargo record in 2018, when it shipped over 1,000 tonnes of live seafood to Asia and Europe. It was also the first time that the airport had dedicated international cargo flights to ship local products.
    The New Brunswick government has a new two year deal, which will see Sussex¿s Nutrien supply the province with road salt. As a result of the deal, 16 new jobs will be created at the old potash mine over the next two years, which still employs 34 people.
    Two construction projects in Moncton will receive grants from the City of Moncton. The 117-room Hilton Garden Inn & Suites hotel on Highfield Street will get $590K over three years, while the six-storey Tannery Place will get $951K over five years.
    Charlottetown-based Gahan opened a brew pub and restaurant in downtown Moncton on the ground floor of the Five-Five Queen hotel. The pub can sit 200 patrons and another 130 outside when the patio is completed at the end of May. There are also locations in Halifax, Saint John and Fredericton.
    About 450 Cape Bald Packers workers returned to their jobs after two separate fires in February destroyed the lobster plant in Richibouctou-Village and the lobster processing plant in Cap-Pelé, N.B. The two plants employed about 650 workers altogether.
    Changes have been made to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which will allow more spouses of immigrants to come into Atlantic Canada. Spouses can now apply for an open work permit in areas such as food and beverage, servers or long-haul truck drivers.
  • Start date: 2019-04-29, End date: 2019-05-03
    Week of Apr 29 - May 03, 2019

    Ice is preventing the early opening of the crab fishery in Shippagan, which would have allowed fishers to use all fishing areas. An area in the Gulf will be closed as of 28 April to protect right whales.
    Given the shortage of skilled labour, the Caraquet hospital laboratory will no longer be open 24 hours a day. Starting in June, some analyses will be sent to the Tracadie hospital. Technological advances will also allow 90% of analyses to be performed directly at the Caraquet emergency room.
    Stricter rules in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are delaying the arrival of workers in N.B. seafood processing plants. Some plants are waiting for 30 to 40 workers who have been approved by the program but do not yet have work permits or are blocked at customs.
    Fredericton's Corey Nutrition has entered a five-year partnership with Dogness International to distribute its pet food in China. The pet food maker hired a Beijing native to handle communications and negotiations, in order to help grow its business.
    ACOA is contributing $5.6M to help Cooke Aquaculture with its expansion plans and further develop its salmon breeding expertise. Cooke will expand its Oak Bay hatchery, and will expand and modernize its Johnson Lake hatchery, creating up to six new jobs.
    The Economy Glass stores in Moncton, Fredericton, and Beresford, N.B are all closed and going through bankruptcy proceedings. The locations in Dartmouth and Mount Pearl, N.L. are also affected. Economy Glass has been in the Maritimes for over 40 years.
    The president of the New Brunswick Medical Society states that the nursing shortage is directly impacting patient care in the province. Without enough nurses, overtime increases, which costs the province over $16M a year and also impacts the nurses' mental health. The province has 400 vacant positions, 378 nurses on sick leave, and 54% of its nursing staff are aged 45 to 55.
    New Brunswick's cannabis retailer, Cannabis NB, reports that it lost $11.7M in its first year of operation. The agency says sales of legal cannabis were $18.6M for the year-end, with cannabis becoming legal in October 2018.
    Saint John-based Moosehead Breweries is forming a joint venture with Sproutly, a Vancouver-based cannabis company to develop, produce and sell marijuana-infused beverages in Canada. The companies plan to formalize the joint venture by May 31.
    Maritime Iron is proposing to build an iron-ore facility in Belldedune, once environmental permits are issued and consultations are done. If approved the project could start in the fall and would create 1,000 construction jobs and 200 more at the plant.
    The Greater Moncton International Airport will have three daily direct flights from Moncton to Toronto through Air Canada Rouge. The new service began on May 1 using its 136-seat A319 jet, but will switch to a larger 162-seat jet between June and October.
    Twelve UNI Financial branches will be closed across New Brunswick from October to December 2019, due to more on-line banking and reduced customer traffic. UNI Financial says no jobs will be lost, as staff will be offered work at nearby branches.
  • Start date: 2019-04-22, End date: 2019-04-26
    Week of Apr 22 - Apr 26, 2019

    New Brunswick¿s Education Minister announced that early childhood educators with one-year diplomas will also be eligible to receive the 75-cent hourly wage increase announced last week.
    Moncton-based Atlantic Cancer Research Institute received almost $5M in funding from ACOA to establish the New Brunswick Centre for Precision Medicine. The new facility will hire seven new cancer research staff, which is expected to open in a few months.
    Over 280 employees at Glencore Canada's Brunswick smelter in Belledune were locked out by their employer prior to a planned strike. The union states that many of its positions are at risk as a result and that the company is also proposing to scrap early retirement.
    Mariner Partners has opened a new office on Carleton St. in Fredericton, in order to access more government clientele. The Saint John-based technology company has already hired a dozen staff in Fredericton and has six more job vacancies to fill.
  • Start date: 2019-04-15, End date: 2019-04-19
    Week of Apr 15 - Apr 19, 2019

    The association representing childcare educators state that less than 500 of the 4800 educators in New Brunswick, will receive the new 75-cent hourly wage increase. Those who have only completed a one-year childhood education program will not be eligible.
    Kingsbrae Garden, a 27-acre tourist destination in St. Andrews, has purchased a downtown 10-unit apartment building to help recruit and house its seasonal workers. The town has identified affordable housing as a major barrier to growth in the area.
    The New Brunswick government is cutting $8.7M from the province's two nursing programs. The province will commit $2.4M on a new nursing recruitment strategy in the fall. UNB in Fredericton says it may have to drop the number of nursing seats, as a result.
    Saint John firm, Canadian Health Solutions Inc., will receive $1M in repayable contributions from ACOA. The firm is looking to create up to forty new jobs as it launches a new marketing plan and expands its health assessment product offerings.
    ACOA will provide a $245K repayable loan to help Carrefour Environnement Saguenay upgrade its equipment and improve its operational capacity. Certified in the recycling and refurbishment of electronic waste, the plant hopes to add nine new jobs.
  • Start date: 2019-04-08, End date: 2019-04-12
    Week of Apr 08 - Apr 12, 2019

    Snow crab quotas are increasing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to just over 32,000 tonnes. Most catches will be made in Area 12, which is used mainly by Gaspé and New Brunswick fishers.
    The New Brunswick government has cut the primary caregiver benefit program in order to fund a wage increase for 9,500 home-care workers. Home support workers, family support workers and attendant care workers will now earn over $14 per hour on average.
    The Plan b Bar & Lounge has closed after a decade in business in Moncton. Located at the corner of St. George and Lutz Streets, the live music venue gave emerging musicians a place to perform.
    Accor Hotels will begin laying off 43 staff at its call centre in Moncton starting in late August, as part of a company restructuring. The Accor - Global Reservations Centre, currently employs 310 people and serves hotel chains such as Fairmont and Ibis.
    Construction is slated to begin in the spring on two 36-unit luxury apartment complexes at Pinewood Road and Gunningsville Boulevard in Riverview. Site preparation work for The Kensington will begin this month and will be completed in mid-to-late 2020.
    Following a recent expansion of its main production facility on English Drive, Cannabis producer Organigram now has over 650 employees in Moncton and has distribution agreements with every province. The Moncton facility employed 100 staff in 2017.
    Riverview's planning committee approved five bylaw variances, which would allow Cordova Realty Ltd. to build two 10 storey towers along the Petitcodiac River. The proposed $35M project would have 150 residential units and retail space if approved.
  • Start date: 2019-04-01, End date: 2019-04-05
    Week of Apr 01 - Apr 05, 2019

    The first Restigouche-Ouest job fair will take place at Palais Centre-Ville in Saint-Quentin on April 18. According to the Saint-Quentin Chamber of Commerce, there are about 200 positions to be filled in the region in all sectors.
    Port Saint John has 82 cruise ships scheduled to arrive from April to October. It is expected that 200,000 visitors will arrive to the city during the 2019 cruise season. The economic impact during the 2017 season was about $50M, with employment, restaurants, attractions and retail sales all benefitting from the visitors.
    British Settlement residents have concerns over a proposed rock quarry operation. Bowsers Construction has received conditional approval, but would have to meet terms imposed by the Southeast Planning Review and Adjustment Committee to get a permit.
    S&P Data closed its two New Brunswick contact centre locations in Saint John and Edmundston, putting 245 people out of work. The closure came from the sudden loss of its only client. S&P is working to replace the lost business and re-open the locations.
    Fredericton¿s St. Mary's Fish 'n Chips on Cliffe Street closed operations after five years in business. St. Mary's First Nation, which owns and operates the restaurant, decided to close it because it wasn¿t profitable.
    A new Statistics Canada report states that the francophone population declined between 2001 and 2016 in New Brunswick and there was less French being spoke at home and at work. The overall rate of bilingualism in the province however, remained at 34%.
    Unionized workers at the Brunswick Smelter in Belledune voted 99% in favour of going on strike. The members have been without a contract since February and have been unable to agree to a new deal. Key issues include benefits and pensions.
    Moncton¿s Corey Craig Group is planning to open five new IHOP restaurants in Atlantic Canada, with the first one slated to open on Mountain Road in Moncton in the fourth quarter of 2019. The other locations will follow over the next six years.
    The Freshmart in Blacks Harbour will shut its doors in three weeks time. The owner stated that the store had financial difficulties due to declining sales over the past couple of years, despite being the only grocery store in the community.
    Northern New Brunswick communities are finding it harder to find employees, faced with a declining population and a rebounding labour market. In Atholville, Zenabis is adding 200 more jobs, while Campbellton has a shortage of nurses and trades people.
    Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) hosted a job fair this week in Saint John. The fair was held earlier than originally planned to help the recently laid-off S&P workers. Companies hiring at the fair included Nordia, TD Insurance, Rogers, and Tangerine.
    ACOA announced that it will provide a $326K loan to Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC) to modernize and increase production at its Minto facility. The money will allow TRACC to grow and hire up to eight new employees as a result.
  • Start date: 2019-03-25, End date: 2019-03-29
    Week of Mar 25 - Mar 29, 2019

    To address the labour shortage, Madawaska industries have developed a project entitled "La Voie manufacturière" which will offer manufacturing sector training to students of A.-M.-Sormany high school in 2019-2020. There will be an estimated 3,000 positions to fill in the Edmunston region over the next few years.
    The New Brunswick Court of Appeal have extended a court action that says that nursing home workers in the province are not allowed to strike. The union is hoping that amendments can be made to allow its workers the option of binding arbitration.
    The Saint John Scout Shop, as well six other locations across Canada, will close its doors due to declining sales and increased operating costs. Online shopping had impacted profits. The uptown store has four staff and is slated to close on July 30.
    The New Brunswick government is implementing changes to allow municipalities to charge a hospitality tax on hotel rooms as a way to raise money for tourism marketing. The hospitality tax in other Atlantic Canadian cities ranges two to four percent.
    Canopy Growth's Fredericton production plant has been issued a licence allowing it to grow cannabis plants and seeds. The $40M facility will need to fill about 100 positions like botanists, quality assurance and shipping workers, and maintenance staff.
    A Saint-John matchmaking pilot project designed to connect workers to unfilled jobs has filled 220 jobs in its first three months. Officials with Economic Development Greater Saint John say the plan is to turn the project into a long-term program.
    Fiready Inc, a firewood supplier out of Clair, New Brunswick, received a $303K loan from ACOA this week. The company is adding automated bagging technology to its production line, which will increase productivity and help the company to grow.
    The University of New Brunswick is expanding its education enrolment levels by adding 20 more seats, which will allow around 110 students into the program. The initiative was made to address the growing teacher shortage and to meet increased student demand.
    According to various stakeholders in the lobster fishing industry, 40% of lobster fishers will sell their fishing licence in the next 10 years due to retirements. Total licence sales are expected to reach $100M in the next 5 years.
  • Start date: 2019-03-18, End date: 2019-03-22
    Week of Mar 18 - Mar 22, 2019

    "Restigouche mon choix", an activity that will take place in the next few days has allowed recruting up to 90 young graduates over the last six years. The initiative is intended to address the labour shortage issue in northern N.-B.
    Businesspersons criticize the premium increase at WorkSafe NB. Restaurant owner Perry Flann says that his contribution went up by $13,000, threatening jobs. N.-B. has the highest premiums in Atlantic Canada.
    Saint Joseph health community centre had to shorten the number of hours a physician is available due to some departures that have not been replaced. These measures will be in place until April 12.
    Saint John's Community College officially opened its new Trades Education Centre this week. The state-of-the-art facility received $13.5M in federal-provincial funding and was established to help address the labour market need for skilled tradespeople.
    Old Navy will open a new location in Fredericton's Regent Mall late this Summer. The retailer will move into the former H&M location and is in the process of hiring.
    Developers are looking to demolish the V Hotel and Suites on Highfield Street in Moncton and replace it with a larger 118-room Hilton Garden Inn. If approved by the city, the new hotel could be completed in late 2020, and will be near the Avenir Centre.
    The New Brunswick economy is forecasted to expand by 0.6% in 2019 and no job gains are expected. The province has been faced with labour shortages, an aging population, and trade uncertainty, especially with softwood lumber.
    Moncton is looking to fill vacant unionized garbage collection jobs with private contractors for at least six months, to help fill spots vacant due to injuries and turnover. Seven workers are employed by the city who earn $28.41 per hour, plus benefits.
    Euston Park Social, a beer garden and shipping container restaurant at 5 Euston St., announced that it plans to open on the long weekend in May. The outdoor space can seat around 100 customers and will remain open until September.
    Zenabis announced that it is now licensed to sell cannabis oil produced at its Atholville facility, one of the largest indoor cannabis growing facilities in Canada. The approval will enable the company to grow and develop more value-added products.
    Coburn Farms in Keswick Ridge, outside of Fredericton, has invested over $2M and is now one of the first fully computerized poultry barns in the province. The farm has doubled egg production with the high-tech barn and now collects 30,000 eggs a day.
  • Start date: 2019-03-11, End date: 2019-03-15
    Week of Mar 11 - Mar 15, 2019

    The province has decided to come to the bargaining table to help negotiate a deal between the N.B. Association of Nursing Homes and the union that represents its workers. The main issues are pay raises, working conditions and more funded hours of care.
    New Brunswick's minister of environment has renewed American Iron and Metal's operating permit, but the Saint John scrap yard is still on probation until early June. The company is working to address environmental concerns and provide long-term solutions.
    The Harbour View Restaurant & Variety Store in Alma, N.B., was destroyed by fire on March 8. The Main Street restaurant was closed at the time of the fire. The owners did not state if there were plans to rebuild or how many staff would be out of work.
    The N.B. Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association states that funeral homes are always looking for licensed funeral directors. This occupation has an average salary of $47,319.
    Fredericton's Kognitiv Spark has opened a U.K. office and will build a team there in an effort to boost their innovative capacity and sales in Europe. The technology company will hire four to five people within the next 18 months.
    According to an economic impact study conducted by Jupia Consultants for the New Brunswick Multicultural Council, immigrants generate about $168M a year towards provincial government revenues. Between 2011 and 2016 nearly 7,000 immigrants entered the workforce.
    The nursing home association states there are up to 70 licensed practical nurse and 103 resident attendant jobs vacant in nursing homes across New Brunswick.
    Solargram Farms Corporation is looking to operate outdoor cannabis farms in New Brunswick, pending federal approval. The company intends to grow cannabis and produce cannabis oil concentrate in a Moncton extraction facility. Solargram already has a staff of 16 and expects to be a major employer, with sales projected to exceed $70M in its first year.
  • Start date: 2019-03-04, End date: 2019-03-08
    Week of Mar 04 - Mar 08, 2019

    J. D. Irving Ltd. is recruiting skilled immigrant workers to work at its Chipman forestry operations. Irving has had difficulty finding locals with the required skills. A new subdivision is being built in the village to help house the arriving newcomers.
    Metepenagiag First Nation is planning a commercial development on 25 hectares it has purchased along the Trans-Canada Highway near Harrisville Boulevard. The land will be converted to reserve property and will not be subjected to municipal taxes.
    Moncton's Crandall University is looking to add another 200 international students on campus over the next two years. The Dean stated that domestic enrolment has dropped across Canada, making it important to attract international students.
    Workers at 45 non-profit nursing homes across the province will take part in a strike vote on March 7. The 4,100 unionized workers include licensed practical nurses and homecare workers, who have been without a contract since 2016. The main issue is wages.
    McAllister Place is undergoing a multimillion-dollar demolition and reconstruction project of the former Sears space. The project could take up to two years to complete. The mall is negotiating final agreements with multiple retailers.
    Moncton will have a new downtown restaurant when Applewood Smoked BBQ opens at 831 Main Street on March 8. The 1,100 sq.-ft. space will seat 32 people.
  • Start date: 2019-02-25, End date: 2019-03-01
    Week of Feb 25 - Mar 01, 2019

    Spending by foreign travellers in the Atlantic region from July to September 2018 is estimated at $589.2M. Of this total, $158.9M was spent in New Brunswick. Tourists from the United States were the largest spenders, followed by those from the United Kingdom, China, and Germany.
    The first numbers concerning the legalization of marijuana are deceiving. From October 17 to December 23, sales in New Brunswick totalled $8.6M. Faced with supply difficulties, Cannabis NB stores laid off workers, and some locations had to close temporarily in November.
    Fredericton had nearly $135M worth of construction activity in 2018. It was also the third consecutive year of growth in the city. The unemployment rate for Greater Fredericton fell from 8.5% in 2014 to 7.5% in 2018 and saw its population grow by 4,000 people.
    Shediac Camping Ltd. revised its plans for its recreational vehicle campground in Shediac, to largely avoid wetland areas identified by the province. The new proposal, if approved, would create 542 camp sites and employ 30-40 part-time staff.
    Cape Bald Packers says it will rebuild its Cap-Pelé fish plant, which was destroyed in a fire on February 24. The company has two processing plants in Cap-Pelé, which together employ 500 people. Cape Bald intends to resume processing in May.
    Cloud5 Communications, a Saint John contact centre serving American Express clients, announced that it is expanding and will fill 80 new positions in the first half of this year. Cloud5 has increased its hourly wages, benefits and incentives to attract talent.
    The Conference Board of Canada is predicting stronger growth for all four Atlantic provinces. P.E.I is expected to lead the country with 3.2% economic growth in 2019, while the N.B. economy is expected to grow by 1.4% due mostly to stability in the service-sector and rising exports.
  • Start date: 2019-02-18, End date: 2019-02-22
    Week of Feb 18 - Feb 22, 2019

    Construction of the $15M YMCA recreation centre in Moncton's north end is expected to start in the spring of 2019. The centre will have a playground, indoor splash pad, gym, walking track and community space. It is expected to open in the fall of 2020.
    Crosby's Molasses president has launched a new cannabis edibles company called EYG Consumables. The Saint John-based company will require a licence from Health Canada, but has already purchased a property in the McAllister Industrial Park.
    Pür & Simple, a Québec-based restaurant chain specializing in all-day breakfast, will open a new location in Dieppe's CF Champlain Mall in May 2019. It will also open another restaurant in Saint John in May, as well as in Edmundston in June 2019.
    King Pakal, a Mexican restaurant in Marysville, will close on March 30, 2019. The owner stated that he struggled to break-even after the summer ended and plans to establish a grow-op for making bio-plastics and cannabis edible products.
  • Start date: 2019-02-11, End date: 2019-02-15
    Week of Feb 11 - Feb 15, 2019

    The federal government is providing $145,000 to continue the Career Focus project in Restigouche. Established last year, this placement project has enabled 27 young people aged 30 and under to obtain paid employment in their field of study.
    A new study reports that child-care costs are often the second biggest parental expense and have recently risen faster than inflation in 61% of Canadian cities. Typical fees are about $1000 a month, with the city of Saint John being about $900 a month.
    A fire has destroyed the Cape Bald Packers lobster-processing plant in Richibouctou-Village. No one was inside the plant at the time, but 100 people will be out of work. The company plans to quickly rebuild and may be able to employ staff at other plants.
    Cape Bald Packers plans to rebuild its processing plant in Richibouctou-Village by August, but starting in May will bus workers an hour away to its processing plants in Cap-Pelé. The company wants to ensure it has workers for when the new plant opens.
    Moncton-based Picomole Inc. is working to commercialize its lung cancer detection technology, with the help of $818K from ACOA and a national research council. The money will be used to establish a testing lab and start clinical testing of its technology.
  • Start date: 2019-02-04, End date: 2019-02-08
    Week of Feb 04 - Feb 08, 2019

    The 3Mile tavern in Saint John's east side, which first opened its doors in 1978, has shut down after 41 years of operations. The tavern expanded over the years and had hosted various events, concerts, and functions. With the closure, 25 staff will be out of work.
    Purolator reports that it is looking for a temporary location for its Bathurst distribution centre after it was heavily damaged in a fire Saturday night. The company will implement a contingency plan to minimize the impact on employees and customers.
    River Valley Health Solutions is moving to a larger location at 512 George Street in Fredericton. They plan to move into the space on February 11, and hire another massage therapist, receptionist, physiotherapist, and athletic therapist within the year.
    New Brunswick nurses within the Vitalité Health Network saw their overtime hours jump by 26% in 2018, as nursing vacancies rise. The francophone health district lost 200 nurses between 2017 and 2018 and there are nearly 400 vacancies across the province.
    Zenabis Global has an agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart to sell medical marijuana products online. The agreement is subject to laws and licensing approval, but Zenabis is preparing to expand its cannabis-growing facility in Atholville by the end of June and hire an additional 250 staff. New staff will be needed in cultivation, scientific research, processing, packaging, as well as office staff.
    A survey sent to New Brunswick tourism operators found that the three hardest positions to fill are chefs, housekeeping and cleaning staff, and front desk staff. The tourism association will issue a plan in March on how to recruit and retain staff.
    Horizon Health Network, New Brunswick's largest health authority, says it is talking with the University of New Brunswick about increasing seats for nursing students to help ease the province's shortage. It is expected that 320 nurses will retire annually, while there are only 265 nurses graduating in the province each year.
  • Start date: 2019-01-28, End date: 2019-02-01
    Week of Jan 28 - Feb 01, 2019

    According to a survey by the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick, labour shortages could lead to closures this summer. The restaurant and accommodation industry in particular is affected, and the problem is most severe in the Northeast, followed by the Northwest and Southeast. A total of 1,900 positions will need to be filled in the province.
    J.D. Irving Limited is projecting it will hire 7,500 full-time staff between 2019 and 2021, mostly in Atlantic Canada and 3,200 of them based in New Brunswick. Hiring will be focused on operations, shipping, supply and logistics, retail sales and finance.
    The former owner of Yuk Yuk's comedy club in Saint John is opening the Crickets Comedy Club in Yuk Yuks former location at 32 Grannan Lane. The club is expected to be open by the end of February and will have three shows a week.
    The federal government will invest $3.1M in Saint John's Mariner Partners to develop the firm's new software, SONAR4. Mariner may grow to 100 staff as a result. Saint John Energy's Smart Grid project will get $4.1M to help modernize its electric grid.
    An announcement was made in Fredericton that Ottawa will invest $35.66M in Siemens, NB Power and Nova Scotia Power's $92.7M Smart Grid Atlantic project. The goal is to develop and implement a powerful cloud-based platform and be a leader in clean energy.
    Licensed cannabis producer Organigram Holdings reports that it had $12.4M in net revenue over the 3-month period that ended on November 30. Sales in that quarter alone exceeded the total of any full year, as recreational cannabis only became legal on October 17.
    The provincial government has a new workforce initiative called FutureReadyNB. The program's aim is to provide N.B. students with job experience in their field before they graduate, while helping employers fill labour gaps and retain university graduates.
    New Brunswick Innovation Foundation and Innovacorp will invest a combined $1M to fund a select number of Atlantic companies who enter Phase 2 of Propel's ¿Incite¿ accelerator over the next few years. Propel's goal is to help startups grow and prosper.
    The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) will open its first Atlantic Canadian restaurant, when it opens in Moncton by the end of 2019. The restaurant chain has 1,695 locations across 13 countries.
    A Statistics Canada report analyzing 2017 annual incomes found that N.B. had the second lowest median income at $31,430. It also reviewed income differentials between the top and bottom quarter earners and N.B. had the largest gap difference at $79,180.
    The latest market survey from Turner and Drake, report that the combined office vacancy rate for Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton dropped from 13.66% in December 2017 to 11.26% in 2018. New Brunswick also has the lowest rental rates in Atlantic Canada.
    The Government of New Brunswick and various companies continued their efforts to recruit foreign workers by participating in the 5th Salon du travail et de la mobilité professionnelle last Thursday and Friday in Paris. According to the website, there are 2,900 positions to fill in the province.
    The Get Air Trampoline Park in Moncton closed on January 25, with its landlord claiming that it is owed $43,000 in rent. Get Air, which has over 50 trampoline parks across North America, posted online that the Moncton location is closed temporarily.
    Enterprise Saint John has changed its name to Economic Development Greater Saint John (EDGSJ), and unveiled its three-year strategic plan. Its goals include increasing employment and the labour force by 2.5% a year, and filling 1,500 unfilled jobs.
  • Start date: 2019-01-21, End date: 2019-01-25
    Week of Jan 21 - Jan 25, 2019

    Saint John Energy has issued a Request for Proposals, inviting developers to build a $30M wind energy project in the city's west side. The utility hopes to select a developer by next summer and to begin construction of 5-10 wind turbines in 2020.
    Moncton continued strong growth in 2018 with $222.6M issued in building permits. Commercial and industrial projects made up 56% of that total, with Organigram's $36.7M expansion, a new $21M middle school, and the new $17.6M Hyatt Hotel leading the way.
    Cannabis NB gave a breakdown of its recent layoffs, with Fredericton eliminating 10 jobs from its two stores. Oromocto will lay seven off, Edmundston will axe five, and Tracadie, Miramichi, Sackville, Saint John, and Rothesay will each cut four staff.
    A new Atlantic Provinces Economic Council report states that Atlantic Canada's labour force dropped by 30,700 between 2012 and 2018, mainly due to retiring baby boomers. The shortage of labour is particularly bad in low-skill sectors like food and retail.
    The province has given a directive to Ambulance New Brunswick to impose a hiring freeze. This will result in unilingual paramedics being left in bilingual positions for now. The freeze will be lifted once demand for each official language is reviewed.
    Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) was given new directives from the provincial health minister to ensure that every emergency ambulance unit is a bilingual unit. ANB has also been directed to create new float team positions for unilingual paramedics.
    Laundry work being done at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton, will be moved to the Saint John laundry plant once renovations are done later in 2019. The move is to help improve efficiencies, but will result in 25 people losing their jobs.
    The three main airports in New Brunswick had a record number of passengers fly out of their facilities in 2018. The Greater Moncton International Airport saw 681,437 passengers, Fredericton International Airport had 424,324 and Saint John saw 282,217.
    TD's Corporate Offices in Dieppe began training 70 Contact Centre employees and over 80 Finance Operations personnel, with its opening on January 21. By the end of 2019, the Contact Centre expects to employ 375 staff and another 200 in Finance Operations.
    A new study from APEC shows that P.E.I. has the lowest immigration retention rate in Canada, with only 16% of immigrants remaining on the Island after five years. By comparison, the next lowest immigration retention rate in Atlantic Canada was in New Brunswick at 48%.
    ML Rentals Ltd. can proceed with its plan to construct a 32-unit apartment building in downtown Moncton after City Council allowed the property to be rezoned. The building will be built at 170 Victoria Street, with rents ranging from $1,400 to $2,500.
    Atlantic premiers want to change the way doctors, nurses, and other health care workers are accredited by creating regional licences to improve their mobility. This, among other things, would help solve problems related to the ageing of the population.
  • Start date: 2019-01-14, End date: 2019-01-18
    Week of Jan 14 - Jan 18, 2019

    Regent Mall will lose one of its largest tenants when H&M closes its Fredericton store on January 28. A spokesperson for the retailer did not give a reason for the closure, but stated that H&M will continue to expand in other markets.
    Moncton's deputy mayor states that the Avenir Centre is generating new openings and construction projects like the new hotel being built next door, the 55 Queen condominium complex, a bakery, childcare facility and new apartment buildings.
    A 14 storey freezer facility being built in Sackville is expected to be done in April 2019. Two Nova Scotia companies are building the freezer to store fruit, vegetables and food products. The freezer will use automatic cranes and will employ four staff.
    A poor haying season in northern and central areas of New Brunswick, has led some farmers to choose between buying hay at $60 a bale or selling cattle. A dry summer resulted in less feed being available and higher prices for hay.
    The cafetorium-theatre project at the Étoile de l'Acadie school in Rogersville is receiving $3.2M over two years from the federal government. The cafetorium-theatre will include 329 seats and provide a space for community, cultural, and artistic activities.
    According to the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, Atlantic provinces stand to lose close to a quarter of a million workers over the next decade as baby boomers retire.
    New Brunswick has published a list of 584 organizations who have been approved through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, to recruit immigrants for hard to fill jobs. The list includes a health authority, schools, trucking, seafood, and fast food companies.
    Tilleul, a downtown Fredericton clothing boutique at 593 King Street, will close its doors on January 31. No explanation was provided by the owner as to why the three year-old business was closing.
    Zenabis Global Inc., who has an operation in Atholville, N.B, is now one of the largest licensed marijuana companies in the world and is continuing to grow. The Atholville facility is expected to expand further this year and add to its 150 staff.
    Copper Branch, a vegan restaurant chain, will open its first Atlantic Canadian location at 200 Champlain Street in Dieppe this March. The restaurant will seat around 40 people, and will employ around 12 to 18 people, including the franchise owners.
    Sonrai Security, a cybersecurity startup with an office in New Brunswick, officially launched with $18.5M in Series A funding. The Fredericton office in Knowledge Park has 16 engineering and customer support staff and is expected to grow with the funding.
    The Kaffeine Espresso Bar, a specialty coffee shop, will open in the coming weeks at 145 Main Street in Bathurst. Besides coffee, the shop will serve craft teas and some food. The coffee shop will seat up to 30 people and expects to hire eight employees.
    The Catapult Coffee & Studio has opened at 116 Princess Street in uptown Saint John. The café hires youth artists and craftspeople, and workers learn employment skills, as well as hard skills that they need for their craft.
  • Start date: 2019-01-07, End date: 2019-01-11
    Week of Jan 07 - Jan 11, 2019

    Saint John's Colwell's Fashions will close its men's and women's clothing stores on January 31, after 30 years of business in Brunswick Square. The independent retailer cited online shopping and a changing retail climate as factors in the closure.
    Things: The Hippie Boutique stated that it was shutting down after 26 years in business in downtown Fredericton. The store featured cannabis paraphernalia, and struggled to compete against online sales and chain stores selling similar products.
    The advanced care paramedic program is growing in New Brunswick and is now a permanent service. The pilot launched in April 2017 in Bathurst, Moncton and Saint John, but now includes Fredericton. Advanced care paramedics can perform more procedures.
    Chaleur Regional Hospital's obstetrics unit will tentatively re-open on February 4. The unit closed at the end of November due to a shortage of nurses. Additional nurses are undergoing labour and delivery training at other hospitals to address the issue.
    The clothing alteration shop, Stitch It, will close its location at the CF Champlain Mall on January 31. The company decided not to renew the lease because the store wasn't profitable. Fredericton's Stitch It will be the only remaining Maritime location.
    Excavation work has begun on Dieppe's new $31.6M arena complex, which will be built on land next to the Centenaire Arena. The old arena is expected to be demolished in 2020. The new facility will have two ice surfaces, a walking track, and community rooms and kitchen. A 2017 impact analysis projected that construction of the complex could create 255 jobs.
    With construction being a key challenge facing businesses downtown, Downtown Fredericton Inc. is exploring how Montreal compensated businesses during construction. A number of downtown businesses closed in 2018, with construction listed as a factor.
    Fredericton's downtown had a challenging year, with many well-known businesses closing in the past year. Closures have included Owl's Nest Bookstore, Read's Newsstand, Second Spin Records, Things Boutique, McGinnis Landing, and King Street Ale House.
    Of the 174 members surveyed by the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, nearly 49% said there is a shortage of skilled labour. The Chamber's CEO stated that more Moncton companies are looking outside the province and country for workers.
    Statistics Canada's annual data shows New Brunswick's labour force grew by 600 people, with more people aged 15-24 either working or looking for work, but fewer 25-and-older active participants. In contrast the population of 15-to-24-year-olds dropped by 1,100.
    Boutique Zekara announced that it will open a third location later this month at 101 Prince William Street In Uptown Saint John. It will take over the spot formerly occupied by Ella The Shop. Zekara also has boutiques in Rothesay and Halifax.
    Natasha's Weddings and Events has bought the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the Saint John's north end, to be used as a wedding and event venue. The business has grown quickly since buying the Cornerstone church last June and needed another venue.
    Alcool NB Liquor has a deal with Saint John's Enso Beverage Company, to sell its 250ml cans of wine in New Brunswick's liquor stores. Enso, which buys its wine in bulk and uses a local mobile canning company, is gearing up for its retail debut.
    Cannabis NB is laying off about 60 retail workers across the province, in an effort to adjust to operational needs. Most laid-off staff are seasonal, but some part-time and full-time staff are also impacted. Pay rates range from $19 to $23 an hour.
  • Start date: 2018-12-31, End date: 2019-01-04
    Week of Dec 31 - Jan 04, 2018

    According to Manpower Group, the hiring climate will be ¿respectable¿ in Greater Moncton at the beginning of 2019. In the first quarter, 13% of employers want to increase their number of employees, while only 7% of employers plan to reduce it.
    The New Brunswick Real Estate Association states that 7,826 residential units were sold in 2018, representing a 2% increase from 2017. The average New Brunswick home sold for $176K in 2018, up 11.4% from 2017, but considerably lower than the national average price of $488K.
    Inspiration Café opened recently at 22 Church Street in Moncton. The café offers job opportunities to the homeless and people with mental illness, in order to develop life and work skills. More program participants are planned to be hired in January 2019.
    According to Statistics Canada, the percentage of people aged 60 and over who are working out of necessity is the highest in P.E.I. at 53%. New Brunswick had the next highest percentage at 52.1%, while the national average was 49%.
    Fredericton's Graystone Brewing will begin a million-dollar expansion later this month by increasing space for more brewing tanks, and enlarging its shipping and receiving area. The brewery needs to increase production, as it will begin supplying liquor stores in the summer of 2019. In the spring a brewer and cellarman will be hired and possibly a full time sales person. The project is expected to be done by early summer.
    The OMISTA credit union has been running a bi-weekly pop-up branch in Hillsborough to gauge interest in the area to establish a branch, or at the very least install an ATM. Scotiabank, currently Hillsborough's only bank, is scheduled to close on June 6, 2019.
    Preliminary numbers from the Vital Statistics Office reveal a 17% drop in the number of babies born in New Brunswick in 2018, compared to 2017. There were 5,448 births in 2018. New Brunswick is the only province with a shrinking population.
    Two restaurants in downtown Fredericton closed within a week of one another. The King Street Ale House closed on January 3 after 10 years in business, while McGinnis Landing closed its doors on December 28 after 22 years in business at 280 King Street.
  • Start date: 2018-12-24, End date: 2018-12-28
    Week of Dec 24 - Dec 28, 2018

    ACOA issued a $885K repayable loan to Vertical Ascent, to help establish a year-round indoor adventure park in Fredericton. The facility will feature climbing walls, zip lines, virtual reality games, and will result in 20 to 30 jobs.
    Sackville town council awarded a $2M contract to Moncton's Birch Hill Construction Ltd for the Lorne Street flood control project. The project will include the construction of a large storm water retention pond, as well as a smaller settling pond.
    A new owner has bought the iconic Frank's Finer Diner in Fredericton, with plans to re-open the establishment in the new year. Some changes will be made like adding a bakery, a candy aisle, and a new chef, but many of the former staff will be hired back.
  • Start date: 2018-12-17, End date: 2018-12-21
    Week of Dec 17 - Dec 21, 2018

    In an effort to attract youth to manual trades, the high school in Saint-Quentin is offering an introductory course to the trades. It is estimated that by 2026, the province will need more than 14,000 new workers in the industrial sector.
    Moncton-based is expanding into the U.S. with its first franchise in Florida. The company will hire an operations manager to oversee the Florida venture and hope to expand into more states. The Moncton head office employs 64 staff.
    The Fredericton restaurant, Frank's Finer Diner, will close its doors this month after 52 years in business. The owner has decided to retire after operating Frank's for the past 35 years, leaving 12 employees out of work.
    New Brunswick's $1.5B tourism industry is looking to target older workers and immigrants to address the shortage of workers during the summer months. Part of the challenge is that tourism jobs are often temporary, offer low-pay, and are labour-intensive.
    Moncton city council decided to expand the geographic boundaries of a program that provides financial incentives to developers, who complete downtown projects valued at over $10M. The hope is to increase density and to develop vacant properties.
    The New Brunswick government is eliminating the requirement for paramedics to be bilingual, if they work in unilingual areas of the province. According to the Health Minister, ambulances should not be sitting idle due to a lack of bilingual paramedics.
    ACOA will provide a $100K repayable investment to Johnson Enterprises of Val D'amour, NB. Johnson will use the money to buy specialized computer numerical controlled equipment, which will help them expand their production abilities and create new jobs.
    A C.D. Howe Institute report states that many Maritime cities had high overall tax burdens on new business investment in 2018. Moncton was found to be at 45.1%, Halifax at 45.9%, and Charlottetown - 43.1%. St. John's was much lower at 34.6%.
    Peoples Jewellers will close its Saint John location in McAllister Place on December 24. Customers requiring repairs and warranty work are being referred to Peoples in Fredericton, New Brunswick. No reason was provided for the closure.
    The last Carlton Cards store in New Brunswick will close, when the Regent Mall location in Fredericton shuts its doors at the end of February. The company decided not to renew the lease, after 20 years in the mall, and the store is not being relocated.
    A judge has ruled that naturopaths in New Brunswick cannot advertise that they are medically trained. N.B. has 20 licensed naturopaths, but the profession is not regulated in the province, allowing non- licensed people to call themselves naturopaths.
  • Start date: 2018-12-10, End date: 2018-12-14
    Week of Dec 10 - Dec 14, 2018

    According to Statistics Canada, Canadian production of maple syrup fell 22% in 2018. New Brunswick experienced a 34.5% decrease, producing 1.6 million litres.
    Given the lack of staff in care homes, the Réseau de vie confort in southern New Brunswick is offering a six-week, personal care attendant course. Students will earn a salary starting on their first day of studies, and 12th grade education will no longer be required.
    Following steep U.S. tariffs on aluminum, which has led to a shortage of cans, Moncton's Pump House Brewery has arranged to supply aluminum cans and labelling services to other craft breweries. Pump House has negotiated with a Chinese aluminum can maker to have the distribution rights for North America and already has customers lined up.
    The Government of Canada announced that it'll provide over $300K in funding to D&T Supreme Machining to establish a precision machining and fabrication business in Centreville, NB. The new facility could create as many as 35 jobs once fully operational.
    ACOA has provided $450K in funding to Nackawic's Big Axe Brewery, which will allow the company to expand its operations and create three new jobs. The brewery will go from a one-barrel to a 20-barrel brewing system with its own bottling line.
    The American Iron and Metal Inc. facility in Saint John has been given permission to restart operations for a 90-day trial period. The province agreed to the company's revised plan to address explosions, excessive noise, and safety concerns.
    The new TD Bank corporate office is set to open in mid-January at the CF Champlain shopping mall in Dieppe. Roughly $50M was spent to renovate the 105,000 sq. ft. facility, which will have 70 staff at the contact centre and about 80 employees at the finance centre when it opens, but will eventually employ 1,015 people altogether in three years.
    Nordia, a customer service company, is moving its Moncton branch into a new $4M facility on St. George Boulevard and will be hiring 50 to 75 employees once work is completed. Its 700 staff are expected to move into the new building by the end of January.
    A new LGBTQ bar, Pink Flamingos Cabaret/Lounge, will open mid-December on St. George Street in downtown Moncton. The bar is moving into the former location of Triangles, Moncton's first openly gay bar, which closed in September 2018.
    Despite Saint John's tax base growing by 1.86% or $126M, its growth lagged neighbouring communities of Quispamsis at 4.15% and Rothesay at 3.41%. Saint John's tax base is valued at $6.9B for 2019, compared to Greater Moncton's tax base of $13.1B.
    Opportunities New Brunswick states that the contact centre industry is going strong in the province, due to its qualified, bilingual workers and low-cost cities. Some pay $30,000 a year, but the average salary for contact centre staff is around $40,000.
    Fredericton city council gave final approval to amend a zoning bylaw, which will enable Queen Street Capital Inc. to build a six-storey office building on Regent Street. It is expected that demolition and construction work will start in the new year.
    The national fashion retailer, Marshalls, is going to open a 20,000 sq. ft. location in the Bathurst Supermall. The store is expected to open March 19, 2019.
    The $50M promised by the previous New Brunswick government to build a four-storey, 120,000 sq. ft. museum in Saint John's uptown, has been postponed by the current government. The $600M budget unveiled this month, excluded several high-profile projects.
    The Conference Board of Canada says that P.E.I. is expected to see strong growth of 2.7% next year, thanks to steady immigration and a booming tourism industry. New Brunswick's growth is projected to be just 1.3%, due to its aging and retiring population.
  • Start date: 2016-08-29, End date: 2016-09-02
    Week of Aug 29 - Sep 02, 2016

    The Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation will invest $3M in a new plant being built by Zenabis in Campbellton. Construction of the medical marijuana facility is expected create up to 300 jobs and to initially employ 60 people when it opens in the spring of 2017.

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