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Following labour market events is key to helping job seekers understand where the opportunities (short, medium and long-term) might be in a local community and elsewhere in the country.

The following table presents local and regional labour market events and announcements for the selected Province or Territory which can complement your job search and career exploration.

News Archive

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  • Start date: 2019-10-28, End date: 2019-11-01
    Week of Oct 28 - Nov 01, 2019

    The territorial government announced plans to move forward on an energy retrofit loan program that will provide funding for Yukon residents to retrofit their homes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    U.K.-based Pembridge Resources has recommenced underground mining operations at the Minto Mine northwest of Whitehorse. Although no specific employment numbers are available, Pembridge had estimated in June that 150 staff would be hired when the mine reached full capacity.
  • Start date: 2019-10-21, End date: 2019-10-25
    Week of Oct 21 - Oct 25, 2019

    According to a recent report by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics, the price of housing in Whitehorse increased in the second quarter of 2019, resulting in record high prices in the market for single-family and mobile homes
    The Yukon government has agreed to continue funding Handy Bus service in Whitehorse to provide on call transportation services throughout the City until the end of 2020
    According to Statistics Canada's labour force survey, employment in Yukon hit an all-time record high, reaching 22,100 this September - 1,000 more people employed than the same time last year
  • Start date: 2019-10-14, End date: 2019-10-18
    Week of Oct 14 - Oct 18, 2019

    Eight indigenous entrepreneurs from Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, have been selected to take part in EntrepreNorth, a nine-month entrepreneur support program aimed to help tourism ventures build their businesses across the North
    Yukon Energy Corp. has cancelled its proposal to build a $70 million fossil-fuel powered thermal generating station in Whitehorse
    The Yukon government recently pledged $308,000 in funding to the Youth Directorate for a two-year project to provide training for youth service providers across Yukon
    The Government of Yukon is providing $7.2M in funding to the Yukon Hospital Corporation for an upgraded health information system. The first elements of the new system are expected to be up and running by late 2020.
    According to the territory's first annual cannabis report by Cannabis Yukon, $2M of cannabis products were sold in the first five months after legalization took place in October 2018
  • Start date: 2019-10-07, End date: 2019-10-11
    Week of Oct 07 - Oct 11, 2019

    The Government of Yukon has issued a tender for early planning on construction for the new Whistle Bend elementary school in Whitehorse
    The Government of Yukon is providing $850,000 in funding through its FireSmart program to over 35 community-based projects aimed at reducing the risk of wildfire throughout the territory
  • Start date: 2019-09-30, End date: 2019-10-04
    Week of Sep 30 - Oct 04, 2019

    The territorial government announced a new pilot project to help address the need for part-time and seasonal workers in communities across Yukon
    According to the Yukon Visitor Exit Survey, more than 491,000 people visited the territory in 2017-18. An increase of 25 per cent when compared to the last survey, which was held 5 years earlier.
    The government of Yukon is replacing over 20 specific labour market programs with three new broad labour market funding programs. The new programs will offer supports and services that will prepare individuals for work that is in demand.
  • Start date: 2019-09-23, End date: 2019-09-27
    Week of Sep 23 - Sep 27, 2019

    The Yukon government and Yukon First Nation Investment Corp. will provide $5M in funding to venture capital firm, Panache Ventures, to support the technology sector in the territory
    Whitehorse City Council has approved a development incentive of $500,000 over 10 years for the construction of a new 12-unit apartment building
  • Start date: 2019-09-16, End date: 2019-09-20
    Week of Sep 16 - Sep 20, 2019

    The federal government recently earmarked $7.4M to NAV Canada for a project that will improve safety and reliability for aircraft landings in airports across the North. The project is expected to create 100 jobs during implementation.
    The Government of Yukon will be closing its temporary Cannabis Yukon shop in Whitehorse on October 17, as more private retail stores open in the territory
  • Start date: 2019-09-09, End date: 2019-09-13
    Week of Sep 09 - Sep 13, 2019

    Victoria Gold Corp. will pour its first bar of gold at the Eagle Gold mine in mid-September. Once fully operational, the mine will employ approximately 400 people.
    The federal and territorial governments, along with Yukon Energy Corporation, announced over $59M in joint funding toward the construction of a new battery energy storage system in Whitehorse and replacement of the Mayo-McQuesten transmission line
    The federal government is providing over $98.3M towards 16 local infrastructure projects across Yukon including improvements to fire halls, government buildings and recreation facilities
    Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services is closing its doors due to a lack of funding
  • Start date: 2019-09-02, End date: 2019-09-06
    Week of Sep 02 - Sep 06, 2019

    The Government of Yukon and the Republic of the Philippines have signed a letter of intent to improve the recruitment system for Filipino workers in Yukon
    The federal government is granting $33M to Yukon under the Gas Tax Fund. The funding will be used for local infrastructure projects including upgrades on the Hart Crescent recirculation station in Whitehorse and a new concession building in Dawson.
  • Start date: 2019-08-26, End date: 2019-08-30
    Week of Aug 26 - Aug 30, 2019

    The federal government recently announced $2.2B in funding over 15 years to remediate eight abandoned mine sites in Yukon and the NWT
    The Government of Canada announced over $300,000 in funding through the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy to help women to start and grow their local businesses across the territory
  • Start date: 2019-08-19, End date: 2019-08-23
    Week of Aug 19 - Aug 23, 2019

    The Government of Canada is providing $828,300 to improve winter management on roads and trails across the three territories
    The Government of Yukon is providing $400,000 through the Housing Initiatives Fund towards a new affordable housing project in Whitehorse
    The City of Whitehorse has awarded a $660,285 contract to Castle Rock Enterprise to work on water main improvements from Lambert Street to Sixth Avenue
    Vancouver-based Golden Predator Mining is proceeding with site development work at its Brewery Creek mine after receiving approval from the Yukon government
  • Start date: 2019-08-12, End date: 2019-08-16
    Week of Aug 12 - Aug 16, 2019

    The City of Whitehorse is receiving $4.8M in funding through the Yukon Gas Tax Fund and Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to expand and upgrade their compost facility
    The federal and territorial governments are providing over $12.4M in joint funding for three wastewater and sewer projects in Mayo, Dawson City and the Carmacks recreation centre and arena
    The Government of Yukon has committed $1.5M for nine projects through the Municipal Matching Rental Construction Grant program aimed to increase the rental housing supply in municipalities across the territory
    Whitehorse City Council has approved a zoning bylaw required for the final phase of development in the Whistle Bend subdivision. Construction will start either next year or in 2021.
    The City of Whitehorse is providing an additional $1.15M in funding to Norcope Enterprises Ltd. for the Porter Creek water main project
    The City of Whitehorse awarded a $135,823 contract to Golder Associates to collect samples and monitor the city's water supply until the end of December 2020
    The City of Whitehorse is providing $355,562 to Cobalt Construction for the city's landfill expansion project
  • Start date: 2019-08-05, End date: 2019-08-09
    Week of Aug 05 - Aug 09, 2019

    The Yukon government is releasing 76 new lots in the Whistle Bend subdivision by public lottery and another 119 lots to be released in the fall. These new lots will be ready for development in the 2019 building season.
    Northwestel has announced plans to build a new fibre optic line from Haines Junction to Beaver Creek. Construction of the line is expected to be completed in 2020.
    The federal and territorial governments are investing $12.4M in joint funding toward four local infrastructure projects in Teslin including the construction of a new public works storage facility, a new fire hall, and energy retrofits to municipal buildings
  • Start date: 2019-07-29, End date: 2019-08-02
    Week of Jul 29 - Aug 02, 2019

    The federal and territorial governments announced joint funding of almost $15M to go towards three infrastructure and water services improvement projects in Pelly Crossing
    The federal and territorial governments are providing joint funding of over $16.5M to improve Whitehorse's public transportation system with the construction of a new transit hub station in downtown and upgrades to road infrastructure
    The federal and territorial governments are providing $157M in funding over eight years for upgrade work to seven sections of the North Klondike Highway. The project is scheduled to start next year and be complete by 2027.
  • Start date: 2019-07-22, End date: 2019-07-26
    Week of Jul 22 - Jul 26, 2019

    The Government of Canada recently announced funding to go towards the Opioid Overdose Response Training Program to be delivered by the Yukon Council
    Canadian cannabis retailer, Fire & Flower INC., has received a licence from Yukon Liquor Corporation to open a cannabis retail store in Whitehorse
  • Start date: 2019-07-15, End date: 2019-07-19
    Week of Jul 15 - Jul 19, 2019

    According to the Conference Board of Canada, Yukon's economy is expected to grow 2.2% in 2019 and by 10% in 2020 due in part to the opening of the Eagle gold mine in September
    The federal and Yukon governments are granting $10.9M in joint funding to upgrade wastewater infrastructure and replace 3km of public roads in Faro
    The owner of two McDonald's locations in Whitehorse is offering rental subsidies to attract employees from outside the territory. Eligible recruits can expect to have their rent subsidized if it accounts for more than 30% of their salary.
    The Government of Canada is providing RCMP in Yukon with approximately $2.3M for drug-testing devices and training for officers to test for impaired driving
  • Start date: 2019-07-08, End date: 2019-07-12
    Week of Jul 08 - Jul 12, 2019

    The City of Whitehorse, along with the federal and territorial governments, announced over $4.4M in joint funding for improvements to the Whitehorse Compost Facility
    The Government of Canada is pledging $15M in funding over the next five years to increase food security in the North through the Northern Isolated Communities Initiatives Fund
    The federal government, the Yukon government and the Kwanlin Dun First Nation are contributing over $28M to build a new energy efficient community hub in the McIntyre subdivision of Whitehorse
    Golden Predator Mining is planning to reopen the Brewery Creek gold mine near Dawson City. The company will hire a crew of 30 people for environmental monitoring and infrastructure work, and employ approximately 100 people when the mine is fully operational.
  • Start date: 2019-07-01, End date: 2019-07-05
    Week of Jul 01 - Jul 05, 2019

    Pelly Construction Ltd. will employ approximately 70 workers over the next year for the Rose Creek project at the defunct Faro mine
    Helping Hands Adult Day Care will be closing at the end of June after the Government of Yukon's Department of Health and Social Services has halted the renewal of their contract
    The Government of Canada has announced $45M in funding over six years to go towards training workers in Yukon
    Whitehorse city council has approved over $500,000 to pay for 68 additional days of work for the construction of the city's new Operations Building. The project is scheduled to complete this September.
    The Yukon government is providing $420,000 to the Lowe Street Affordable-to-Own Housing Development to create 12 modest sized energy-efficient homes in Whitehorse. The entire project is expected to be complete in late 2020.
  • Start date: 2019-06-24, End date: 2019-06-28
    Week of Jun 24 - Jun 28, 2019

    CIBC announced a funding of $500,000 to support the Yukon University Foundation for transitioning Yukon College to Yukon University by 2020
    The Yukon Lottery Commissioned has awarded the Friends of Mount Sima Society with $520,240 in order to enhance their winter sport and recreation program
    The Yukon government is providing over $1.7M towards a number of new programs that aim to support sport and recreation organizations and individual athletes in the territory
  • Start date: 2019-06-17, End date: 2019-06-21
    Week of Jun 17 - Jun 21, 2019

    The territorial government and Yukon College recently signed a memorandum of understanding to raise awareness of job opportunities available to international students in Yukon
    Whitehorse City council has approved the $7.4M reconstruction work of water and sewer infrastructure along Cook Avenue from Fourth Avenue to Eighth Avenue. Construction work will begin next year at the earliest.
    A private cannabis retailer, Ninetails Cannabis Inc., is planning to open a cannabis store in Whitehorse by August 1
    Tourism Yukon reported strong growth in tourism activity in the territory last year, including record total retail sales of $837M and 15% growth in international border crossing entries compared to 2017
    The Government of Yukon is providing over $54,000 to 19 community groups for a variety of arts, recreation and educational programming
  • Start date: 2019-06-10, End date: 2019-06-14
    Week of Jun 10 - Jun 14, 2019

    The Government of Yukon provided $514,159 in funding toward 19 community-led projects focused on crime prevention and services for victims
    The Government of Yukon provided $49,700 to the Town of Watson Lake to support the implementation of community and economic development initiatives
    The federal and territorial governments are providing $41.3M in joint funding to support energy efficiency retrofits for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings throughout Yukon over the next three years
  • Start date: 2019-06-03, End date: 2019-06-07
    Week of Jun 03 - Jun 07, 2019

    The federal government has awarded a $44.4M contract to Pelly Construction Ltd. for the next phase of the North Fork Rose Creek realignment project at the abandoned Faro mine site
    The Yukon government is planning upgrade work on the Alaska Highway near the Whitehorse airport to address dangerous conditions faced by cyclists and pedestrians
    The federal government is providing $1.5M over two years to help cover costs for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse
    Eight communities in Yukon are receiving a total of $925,542 in funding through the Community Development Fund for recreational and infrastructure enhancement projects
    Pembridge Resources PLC has entered an agreement to buy Capstone Mining Corp.'s Minto copper mine near Whitehorse, with plans to reopen the mine for commercial production during the fourth quarter of 2019
  • Start date: 2019-05-27, End date: 2019-05-31
    Week of May 27 - May 31, 2019

    The Government of Canada is providing over $2.2M in funding for seven economic development projects to support small and medium sized-enterprises in Yukon. About nine positions will be created as a result of these projects.
    The federal government is providing $103,000 over three years to support French-speaking immigrants in Whitehorse
  • Start date: 2019-05-20, End date: 2019-05-24
    Week of May 20 - May 24, 2019

    The Town of Dawson City recently approved an $8M operating budget that will see exterior painting upgrades, water and sewage system upgrades and implementation of the town's trail management plan
    The federal and territorial governments announced joint funding of over $14M to support the construction of a new community centre in Old Crow
    Restaurants in Whitehorse are operating reduced hours due to a shortage of available seasonal workers in the territory
  • Start date: 2019-05-13, End date: 2019-05-17
    Week of May 13 - May 17, 2019

    Victoria Gold Corp. indicates that construction of its Eagle Mine is 90% complete. The company is currently looking to hire approximately 260 people to operate the mine.
    The Yukon Supreme Court recently approved the sale of Mount Nansen Mine to Alexco and JDS Group. The company will be responsible to remediate the site and for providing employment and training to the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation residents.
    The Tr'ochëk Limited Partnership and Northern Vision Development have purchased the Midnight Sun Hotel in Dawson City, with plans to refurbish the building. Upgrade work is expected to begin immediately and should be complete by next summer.
    Parks Canada plans to spend $424,500 to restore the 1943 Atlin barge located near the S.S. Klondike Historic Site in Whitehorse. Repair work will begin this summer and is expected to last through fall.
    The City of Whitehorse awarded a $3.2M contract to Ketza Construction to build a new fire hall. The city's old fire hall will be demolished to make way for a new services building. Construction on the fire hall is expected to be complete in 2020.
    The Government of Canada is providing up to $2.6M to four women's organizations and Indigenous organizations serving women in Yukon
  • Start date: 2019-05-06, End date: 2019-05-10
    Week of May 06 - May 10, 2019

    Natural Resources Canada is providing $212,000 to the Yukon government for the construction of three electric vehicle-charging stations across the territory
    The Yukon government and the Teslin Tlingit Council signed a project charter for the re-development of the Nisultin Bay Bridge in Teslin. The tender for the project is expected in 2020, with construction to be completed in 2023.
    The territorial government is releasing tender documents for a new restaurant in the Yukon airport. The new restaurant will replace a pre-existing one, with construction expected to conclude this fall.
    Whitehorse City Council has awarded Alberta-based Blue Imp Recreational Products a $389,900 contract to replace the playground at Rotary Peace Park
    The City of Whitehorse awared a nearly $70,000 contract to TransNorthern Management Consulting to draft a wildfire risk reduction strategy
  • Start date: 2019-04-29, End date: 2019-05-03
    Week of Apr 29 - May 03, 2019

    The Yukon government has awarded a total of $126,801 towards nine community projects in the territory that offer long term economic and social benefits for Yukoners
    The Government of Yukon is providing over $94,000 in funding to däna Näye Ventures for its Youth Entrepreneur in Residence pilot program aimed at developing business and entrepreneurship skills for high school students
    Whitehorse City Council approved incentive agreements of $500,000 over ten years for two new multi-residential developments in the city
  • Start date: 2019-04-22, End date: 2019-04-26
    Week of Apr 22 - Apr 26, 2019

    The first privately-owned cannabis retail store in Yukon, Triple J's Canna Space, opened its door in downtown Whitehorse on April 18
    Yukon Energy unveiled a $1.3M, two-year pilot project to study the feasibility of using smart devices across the Yukon grid to reduce the amount of dependency on fossil fuel generation for heating homes in winter
    The Government of Canada is providing over $4.3M in funding towards 16 economic development projects that are expected to create up to 125 jobs across the territory
    Whitehorse city council unveiled a joint funding investment of $23M for three new infrastructure projects. These projects include renovation and expansion of a city service building, heating system upgrades at city hall, and repaving city roads.
  • Start date: 2019-04-15, End date: 2019-04-19
    Week of Apr 15 - Apr 19, 2019

    The Government of Yukon and Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation signed an agreement that enables the First Nation to access potential contracting, education and training benefits for the proposed Carmacks bypass
    The federal and territorial governments are contributing over $23M towards three infrastructure projects in Whitehorse
  • Start date: 2019-04-08, End date: 2019-04-12
    Week of Apr 08 - Apr 12, 2019

    The Government of Yukon is hiring local contractors to maintain waste disposal sites in Mount Lorne and Marsh Lake due to steady increases in the volume of waste drop-offs
    A national charitable organization, Actua, is planning to expand its InSTEM program to northern communities as part of $2.3M in funding from the federal government. Over the next two years, 65-75 Indigenous students will take part in the program.
    Yukon College is offering a new bachelor of business administration program starting this fall
  • Start date: 2019-04-01, End date: 2019-04-05
    Week of Apr 01 - Apr 05, 2019

    The Government of Yukon will release a total of $85M worth of tenders by May to support 40 new seasonally-dependent infrastructure projects for the upcoming summer season
  • Start date: 2019-03-25, End date: 2019-03-29
    Week of Mar 25 - Mar 29, 2019

    The federal government is providing $26M over five years to Yukon College for the development of a new science building. Construction of the new facility is expected to begin this summer.
    The territorial government is in the midst of transforming a one-time bed and breakfast in Whitehorse into a group home for youth. The new facility will open for occupancy this summer.
    The Yukon government will begin construction on the new $19M French First Language Secondary School in Whitehorse this spring. The territorial government also pledged $1.6M to begin the planning process for a new elementary school in Whistle Band.
    BMC Minerals has canceled drilling work at the Kudz Ze Kayah mine this year due to delays in permitting. Instead of its drilling program, the company will focus on analyzing samples and data from last year.
    The Government of Yukon recently announced an $18M mixed-income affordable housing project in Whitehorse. The 48-unit development will be completed over the next three years, with construction set to begin in the spring of 2020.
    The Government of Yukon has included $1M in their 2019-20 annual budget for the planning and design of a new secure medical unit at Whitehorse General Hospital
  • Start date: 2019-03-18, End date: 2019-03-22
    Week of Mar 18 - Mar 22, 2019

    The federal and territorial governments recently signed a ten-year housing agreement - worth nearly $60M - as part of the Yukon Housing Action Plan to maintain and expand affordable housing options across the territory
    Yukon's North Star Agriculture has secured partial funding towards an $8M aquaponics facility near the Takhini hot springs in order to raise fish and vegetables indoors. Construction of the new facility will begin this spring.
  • Start date: 2019-03-11, End date: 2019-03-15
    Week of Mar 11 - Mar 15, 2019

    The federal government recently pledged $2.2M in funding over the next five years to support efforts to eliminate gun and gang violence in Yukon
    The Government of Yukon is going to increase the territory's minimum wage from $11.51 to $12.71 per hour on April 1st this year
    The federal government awarded $50K to Whitehorse's Lumel Studios to purchase equipment that will allow Lumel to offer glass blowing workshops across the territory. Lumel is currently looking for two more seasonal workers to join its team this summer.
    The Government of Canada recently announced a total of $2.79M in funding under the federal Gas Tax Fund for twenty infrastructure improvement projects across the territory
    The federal and territorial governments announced a joint funding of over $17M to the Alaska Highway safety improvement projects aimed to improve safety and mobility across the highway
    The Government of Yukon recently pledged $19M in funding over the next five years to develop building lots in Whitehorse and other rural communities across the territory
    The territorial government is investing $9.9M to pave the runway at the Dawson City airport this spring. The airport will tentatively close May 19th to 26th for the upgrades.
  • Start date: 2019-03-04, End date: 2019-03-08
    Week of Mar 04 - Mar 08, 2019

    Twisted Wood Works, operated by the non-profit Challenge Disability Resource Group, announced they will be closing shop as operations are no longer financially feasible. Approximately nine individuals will be affected due to the closure.
  • Start date: 2019-02-25, End date: 2019-03-01
    Week of Feb 25 - Mar 01, 2019

    The Government of Yukon is now accepting applications for private retail cannabis licenses. Applications will be reviewed by the Cannabis Licensing Board, which could take up to 12 weeks before granting a permit.
    The Yukon's division of the Canadian Mental Health Association has launched its free drop-in counselling service program. The program is currently in place until the end of March.
    The Government of Yukon is planning to upgrade the restaurant area at the Erik Neilson Whitehorse International Airport. Renovations will start in March, and a new restaurant is expected to open by fall in the existing Shanthi's Airport Restaurant.
    The territorial government is allocating $7.35M for ten projects which will boost the territory's economic development through infrastructure upgrades, building construction, consultant design services and safety improvements
    The Yukon College announced a new certificate program aimed at preparing students for the career in First Nations education and employment support. The College is currently accepting applications, and the program will start in September this year.
  • Start date: 2019-02-18, End date: 2019-02-22
    Week of Feb 18 - Feb 22, 2019

    The Government of Canada announced $500,000 in funding towards the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Teaching and Working Farm's pilot project to create a four-season greenhouse farm in Yukon to enable the growth of fresh produce year-round
    The federal government has announced $20M in funding towards reducing reliance on diesel power throughout remote indigenous communities. A maximum of 15 eligible communities selected will receive money to develop their local plan.
    The Government of Yukon has issued a special warrant to increase its budget to $15M for infrastructure development and $5M for land development for municipal and First Nations projects
    Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services is laying off 12 to 14 unionized workers due to funding issues. It is unknown whether the layoffs will be temporary or permanent.
    Whitehorse City Council has approved the rezoning of the downtown commercial property at the Days Inn hotel for the development of a new daycare. The daycare will offer 24-hour services for working parents.
  • Start date: 2019-02-11, End date: 2019-02-15
    Week of Feb 11 - Feb 15, 2019

    On February 11, the Canada Revenue Agency opened its Northern Service Centre in Whitehorse, which is aimed at helping residents and businesses file their taxes. The new centre will also allow CRA to expand its outreach program and liaison officer services.
    The territorial government is planning to install a new mechanical cooling and insulation system in Ross River School. The project will take place this summer and has an estimated cost between $100K to $1M.
    The federal government is providing over $368K over two years to the Northern Climate ExChange at Yukon College to develop a permafrost hazard alert system. The project will help to improve understanding of climate change effect on northern infrastructure.
  • Start date: 2019-02-04, End date: 2019-02-08
    Week of Feb 04 - Feb 08, 2019

    The Government of Yukon confirmed an investment of $7.2M dedicated to upgrading the patient data system, Meditech. The system is currently in use in the Whitehorse General Hospital, and changes will take two years to phase in.
    The Government of Yukon has recently taken over the ownership and operations of the Centre of Hope shelter in Whitehorse from the Salvation Army. It is unknown how many staff will be affected during this transition.
    The territorial government is planning to open a community hospice and a dementia ward in Whistle Bend Place care centre in Whitehorse. The hospice will be added to the facility during 2019-2020 fiscal year while the dementia ward will open in 2020-2021.
    The territorial government is looking to replace the ageing health centre in Old Crow. Construction of a winter road and the new facility is estimated to take place over the next two to three years.
    Whitehorse City Council provided a grant of $156K over three years through the employee assistance program to Homewood Health Inc. for delivering counselling, mental health and addiction services to employees who require it
  • Start date: 2019-01-28, End date: 2019-02-01
    Week of Jan 28 - Feb 01, 2019

    Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services in Yukon will be reopening after unionized employees ratified a tentative new agreement with the employer after 11 weeks on strike
    The federal government has postponed the $80M remediation work of the Faro mine site until February. The delay comes to allow the territorial government as well as First Nations partners sufficient time for meaningful input on the project.
    The City of Whitehorse is considering awarding a $270,000 contract to Tetra Tech Canada Inc. to expand the city's compost facility at the landfill. The proposed upgrade would help the city to keep up with the growing volume of waste.
  • Start date: 2019-01-21, End date: 2019-01-25
    Week of Jan 21 - Jan 25, 2019

    The federal government has awarded the Faro Mine Remediation project contract to Pelly Construction Ltd. and Dene Nezziddi Development Corporation. The project will employ Ross River Dene employees and subcontractors.
    The Yukon Teachers Association ratified a new collective agreement to allow substitute teachers to be part of the union, provide salary increases for educators and commitments to prioritize hiring Yukon First Nations teachers
    The Government of Yukon is providing approximately $850,000 project funding towards FireSmarting neighbourhoods and communities across Yukon to fight forest fires across the territory
    The territorial government is closing the Dawson City Waste Water Treatment Plant after years of extremely high operating costs. A new facility will be in operation by 2026.
    On January 17, the Government of Yukon launched a $3.6M 2019 Housing Initiatives Fund to support projects aimed to increase affordable housing across the territory
    The Yukon government is recruiting two new psychiatrists to open a private practice in Whitehorse. The total number of resident psychiatrists in the territory will soon drop down from three to two as one of the professionals is leaving the territory.
  • Start date: 2019-01-14, End date: 2019-01-18
    Week of Jan 14 - Jan 18, 2019

    The City of Whitehorse is considering approving a $375,231 contract to fix a water pressure issue at the McIntyre Creek pump station. If supported, upgrade work would begin immediately.
    The federal and territorial governments have announced estimated joint funding of $6M towards Phase Two of the Haines Junction Infrastructure Rehabilitation project in Whitehorse to provide more reliable water and wastewater services for residents
    The Government of Yukon has begun setting up a water treatment system for the Wolverine Mine to prevent water contamination. The mine is located in southeast Yukon has been closed since 2015.
    Tourism has been growing strong in Yukon. According to Northern Vision Development, 2018 was a record year for hotel room bookings in the territory.
    Triple J's Canna Space, a prospective cannabis retailer, has employed three workers and is hiring nine more while developing its second location in Whitehorse
  • Start date: 2019-01-07, End date: 2019-01-11
    Week of Jan 07 - Jan 11, 2019

    The Conference Board of Canada predicts Yukon will have the fastest growing economy in Canada in the next few years, as three new mines will be going into production. The Casino mine alone could employ up to 1,000 people at peak production.
    According to the Yukon Liquor Corp., Yukoners have purchased almost $1M of cannabis products during the first two months as it became legal. More than 96% of sales were made at the Yukon Cannabis store while the rest was made online.
    The Government of Yukon is granting almost $49,000 to the Youth Achievement Centre to continue the construction of the Dream Trail. The hiking and biking trail starts at the base of Grey Mountain and is being built with the help of at-risk teens.
    The territorial Community Development Fund is granting more than $700,000 to 20 community projects across Yukon. The projects will help to create various employment opportunities in those communities.
  • Start date: 2018-12-31, End date: 2019-01-04
    Week of Dec 31 - Jan 04, 2018

    The Casino mine project has been pushed back another year to study the best methods for dealing with mine waste. Construction on the mine could start in three years, employing up to 1,000 people during the construction phase.
    The Government of Yukon will take ownership of Salvation Army's Centre of Hope in Whitehorse on January 31, 2019. The change will provide an opportunity for improvements in programs and services.
    The federal and territorial governments are providing a total of nearly $1M to fight the opioid epidemic in Yukon
    The Government of Yukon is granting $700,000 from the Community Development Fund to support 20 community projects that could bring economic, social and cultural benefits to the territory
    The Yukon Housing Corporation is providing an additional $1.15M to the Cornerstone Housing project in Whitehorse. The funding will help to support development and construction of the project.
    The Thomson Centre in Whitehorse recently opened a new 10-bed reablement and respite unit
  • Start date: 2018-12-24, End date: 2018-12-28
    Week of Dec 24 - Dec 28, 2018

    The Government of Yukon has granted $1.15M for the development and construction of the Cornerstone Housing project in Whitehorse
    Yukon-based Kluane Freight Lines has joined with Manitoulin Transport, a major North American transport company. The amalgamation will allow freight from anywhere in Canada reach Dawson City via one carrier.
    The Government of Yukon and Kwanlin Dün First Nation have established a six-person family enhancement team in the McIntyre subdivision in Whitehorse to provide on-site services and support for Kwanlin Dün families and children
    The Government of Yukon and the Government of Canada announced a bilateral agreement to provide more than $945,000 to enhance treatment services for people with addiction problems
  • Start date: 2018-12-17, End date: 2018-12-21
    Week of Dec 17 - Dec 21, 2018

    Whitehorse-based Ketza Construction has been awarded a $29M contract to build a French First Language Secondary School and community spaces. The project is set to begin in the spring of 2019 and be completed by early 2021.
    Thomson Centre, a 10-bed reablement and respite unit, opened in Whitehorse on December 10, 2018. The program helps seniors, who do not need acute care, get back into their own home or community.
    Whitehorse-based Cobalt Construction has been awarded a contract to build an ice bridge in Dawson City. Construction work will begin in mid-December.
    According to Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology Associate Chair at Yukon College, there is a high demand for women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields in Yukon.
    The Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Yukon government, who are all pledging to help increase Indigenous tourism in Yukon by 50% over the next decade
  • Start date: 2018-12-10, End date: 2018-12-14
    Week of Dec 10 - Dec 14, 2018

    The Yukon government is aiming to have the Yukon Resource Gateway project completed by 2025 despite construction being a year-and-a-half behind schedule. Construction is anticipated to start in the summer of 2019.
    The Government of Yukon has expanded eligibility criteria for the Community Development Fund. First Nation development corporations are now eligible to apply for money to support community-level initiatives.

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