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  • Start date: 2018-10-01, End date: 2018-10-05
    Week of Oct 01 - Oct 05, 2018

    Maple Bus Lines is expanding service and offering round-trip bus service from Thompson to Winnipeg and Cross Lake
    The minimum wage in Manitoba increased by 20 cents to $11.35 effective October 1
    University College of the North is reorganizing its administrative structure and will cut five senior administration positions throughout 2018-19
    The Manitoba government and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce are organizing Economic Development Tours to northern communities. The tours will connect business leaders with local businesses in the north for potential economic development opportunities.
  • Start date: 2018-09-24, End date: 2018-09-28
    Week of Sep 24 - Sep 28, 2018

    Delta 9 Cannabis Store will soon open two locations, one in Winnipeg and another in Thompson. The company is awaiting on approval for two more, one in Brandon and another in Winnipeg.
    Bell MTS is expanding wireless coverage in southeast Manitoba with the addition of three new cellular sites in Woodridge, Zhoda and Stuartburn
    The provincial government is investing $9.7M for 13 new projects that will upgrade health-care facilities throughout the province
  • Start date: 2018-09-17, End date: 2018-09-21
    Week of Sep 17 - Sep 21, 2018

    Construction continues on seven major projects at schools across Manitoba. The provincial government is spending $129.5M on public school infrastructure projects in 2018-19.
    The federal government will provide the Manitoba Metis Federation with $112M in child-care program funding. It is anticipated that the funding will create 100 new jobs for Metis workers in next year.
    The provincial government is supporting expansions to Hylife Foods pork facilities through tax increment financing estimated at $9.5M over 22 years
  • Start date: 2018-09-10, End date: 2018-09-14
    Week of Sep 10 - Sep 14, 2018

    Over the next three years, the Government of Canada will provide nearly $68M in funding to support the transformation of healthcare for First Nations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario
    Over the next five years, the federal government will invest $100M towards the construction of the Norway House Cree Nation Health Centre of Excellence
  • Start date: 2018-09-03, End date: 2018-09-07
    Week of Sep 03 - Sep 07, 2018

    The Manitoba and Saskatchewan governments have allocated more than $320,000 to the City of Flin Flon through the federal Gas Tax Fund. The funding will be used to support Flin Flon's public infrastructure.
    Arctic Gateway Group Limited Partnership has purchased the Port of Churchill and the railway leading to the remote town. Repairs on the flood-damaged rail link are set to begin in the near future.
  • Start date: 2018-08-27, End date: 2018-08-31
    Week of Aug 27 - Aug 31, 2018

    Over the next five years, the governments of Canada and Manitoba will invest $2.85M into the Manitoba Beef & Forage Institute. The instutute also celebrated the opening of its new learning centre at Broodale Farm, near Brandon.
    Cannabis retailer Garden Variety plans to open four stores across the province--two stores in Winnipeg, one in Brandon, and one in Thompson. The Winnipeg locations will open within the year and the other two stores will open in 2019.
  • Start date: 2018-08-20, End date: 2018-08-24
    Week of Aug 20 - Aug 24, 2018

    The Government of Manitoba will provide $3.7M in grants to non-profit and community-led organizations for 225 community development projects. The funding is in addition to the $848,000 in grants announced earlier this summer.
  • Start date: 2018-08-13, End date: 2018-08-17
    Week of Aug 13 - Aug 17, 2018

    Peguis First Nation broke ground on its new urban reserves in Winnipeg and Selkirk. The first construction phase on the Winnipeg reserve is to be completed this December, and will include a restaurant, pharmacy, and pain management clinic.
    The Province awarded a $380M contract to Bell Mobility for the replacement of the provincial FleetNet emergency communications system. The new system will be implemented over a three-year period.
    The Assiniboine Community College is developing an Agricultural Operator program. A start date has not yet been set; however, the program will be approximately 500 hours long with a couple weeks of practicum.
    The University College of the North reports that 7 positions were eliminated earlier this year in an attempt to reduce administrative costs
  • Start date: 2018-08-06, End date: 2018-08-10
    Week of Aug 06 - Aug 10, 2018

    This fall, wireless network operator Xplornet Communications Inc. will launch in Manitoba under the brand Xplore Mobile. The company currently employs 100 workers in the province, and plans to hire 35 more people.
    The federal government is providing $5.6M in funding for the improvements to The Central Manitoba Railway`s Pine Falls subdivision line. The construction is expected to create around 100 jobs and is scheduled to be complete by spring 2020.
    At the end of July, Hudbay ceased production at its Reed mine near Flin Flon. The company now only has two active mines in the region, the 777 and Lalor mines.
    The Province of Manitoba is providing 30 municipalities and 18 northern affairs communities with $2.25M in Municipal Road Improvement Program funding. In addition, over $6M in funding will be provided to municipalities from previous commitments.
    The Province provided over $5.4M to over 700 community organizations, rural municipalities, and provincial parks that are participating in the Green Team program. This summer, over 1,200 youth have been employed through the program.
  • Start date: 2018-07-30, End date: 2018-08-03
    Week of Jul 30 - Aug 03, 2018

    The rural municipalities of Souris-Glenwood, Killarney-Turtle Mountain, Glenboro-South Cypress, Prairie Lakes, Cornwallis, Whitehead, and Argyle will receive $177,405 in funding through various community development programs. The funding will support fifteen community projects.
  • Start date: 2018-07-23, End date: 2018-07-27
    Week of Jul 23 - Jul 27, 2018

    The Province will provide over $848,000 in grants for more than 120 community development projects across Manitoba, including projects for regions to identify and pursue economic development opportunities
    This September, a new Thompson-based bus operator called Thompson Bus is expected to offer passenger and freight services. The company will offer transit routes around Thompson and to multiple locations in Winnipeg.
    The Government of Manitoba issued a request for pre-qualifications to further increase the number of cannabis retail stores across the province
  • Start date: 2018-07-16, End date: 2018-07-20
    Week of Jul 16 - Jul 20, 2018

    Canadian National Railway Company (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) have ordered 1,000 grain cars to improve grain transportation. CN has also hired 1,200 new conductors, and ordered 200 new locomotives. The company is also investing $3.4B in upgrades of its national network.
  • Start date: 2018-07-09, End date: 2018-07-13
    Week of Jul 09 - Jul 13, 2018

    Greyhound Canada will end its bus and freight services in Western Canada as of October 31. About 440 employees will be affected in Western Canada. Seventy-five bus drivers, pickup and delivery drivers, mechanics, and freight handlers in Winnipeg and Thompson are among those impacted.
    Ontario-based bus operator Kasper Transportation will be adding 5 new routes in Manitoba starting October 31, including interprovincial routes from Winnipeg, and a route between Winnipeg and Thompson
    Distinct Infrastructure Group Inc. is partnering with Clear Sky Connections Inc. and Broadband Communications North Inc. to build a fiber optic network to 63 First Nations and non-Indigenous communities in rural Manitoba. The project is planned to begin by next year.
  • Start date: 2018-07-02, End date: 2018-07-06
    Week of Jul 02 - Jul 06, 2018

    Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. will open four marijuana retail stores in Manitoba by the end of this year. Two stores will be located in Winnipeg, one in Brandon, and one in Thompson. One of the Winnipeg's stores is scheduled to open October 17.
    The government of Manitoba is permitting National Access Cannabis Corp. to open ten marijuana retail stores in the province. The company plans to open four stores in Winnipeg, one in Brandon, and five in smaller municipalities.
    According to The Canadian Federation of Independent Business's survey, 15% of Manitoba's small businesses plan to increase employment within the next 3 to 4 months, while 12% plan to reduce full-time employment
  • Start date: 2018-06-25, End date: 2018-06-29
    Week of Jun 25 - Jun 29, 2018

    On June 20, The North West Company opened its new store in Garden Hill. The store features Tim Hortons and KFC and employs approximately 60 associates.
    The Province provided Hiku Brands Company Ltd. with a permission to open 10 cannabis retail stores in Manitoba. Hiku's Tokyo Smoke retail brand will open four stores in Winnipeg and one in Brandon.
  • Start date: 2018-06-18, End date: 2018-06-22
    Week of Jun 18 - Jun 22, 2018

    There are now 38 Manitoba Youth Job Centres located throughout northern and rural Manitoba to assist students and youth seeking summer employment
    The provincial and federal governments will jointly invest $540 million for the construction of permanent flood mitigation channels at Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin
    This July, Red River Co-operative Ltd. will acquire three Marketplace stores from Federated Co-operatives Ltd. The stores are in Selkirk, Stonewall, and Lorette.
  • Start date: 2018-06-04, End date: 2018-06-08
    Week of Jun 04 - Jun 08, 2018

    Starting this fall, Calgary-based ride-hailing company Cowboy Taxi plans expand their operations into Brandon. Meanwhile, Edmonton-based TappCar, is planning to expand into Steinbach.
    A tentative deal has been reached between Manitoba groups and American company Omnitrax for ownership of the Churchill rail line
    The provincial and federal governments signed a bi-lateral spending agreement worth more than $1.1B to support infrastructure projects over the next ten years
    Manufacturers on both sides of the US-Canada border expect to be negatively impacted by recently imposed tariffs. Manitoba exports about $10B worth of goods and services to the United States every year.
    Manitoba egg farmers are benefiting from the increased popularity of breakfast options in the restaurant industry. According to Manitoba Egg Farmers, retail egg sales increased 5.5% over a recent one-year period.
  • Start date: 2018-05-28, End date: 2018-06-01
    Week of May 28 - Jun 01, 2018

    On May 23, the Manitoba government made changes to increase accountability and transparency of its fish marketing regulations. In addition, commercial fishers will be able to catch and sell channel catfish directly to final consumers.
  • Start date: 2018-05-21, End date: 2018-05-25
    Week of May 21 - May 25, 2018

    According to a new report by Scotiabank, the immigrant employment rate in Manitoba stood at 82.5% between 2010 and 2017, significantly higher than the national average of 76.9%
    Manitoba Youth Job Centres (MYJC) have opened their doors across the province for the summer season. The centres assist students and youth in finding summer employment as well as help local employers in finding qualified staff.
    The Northern Workforce Development Centre celebrated its grand opening in Thompson's University College of the North on May 18. The provincially funded centre offers education and training for workers in Thompson and surrounding areas.
  • Start date: 2018-05-14, End date: 2018-05-18
    Week of May 14 - May 18, 2018

    Gypsy's Bakery, a local restaurant in Churchill, burned down May 13
  • Start date: 2018-05-07, End date: 2018-05-11
    Week of May 07 - May 11, 2018

    A group of MB First Nations, along with iChurchill Inc., have entered into an acquisition agreement with the U.S. based owner of the Hudson Bay Railway and the Port of Churchill. The partnership hopes to conclude acquisition of the railway and port facilities by mid-June.
    The Mystery Lake Road McDonald's restaurant in Thompson will soon be demolished. A new McDonald's restaurant will be constructed on the same site this spring/summer.
    The MB government announced over $1.2M of funding to establish five rapid-access clinics across the province to treat individuals suffering from substance-related addictions
  • Start date: 2018-04-30, End date: 2018-05-04
    Week of Apr 30 - May 04, 2018

    The MB Government announced funding for 60 new full-time paramedics throughout rural Manitoba
    The new North of 53 Consumers Co-op grocery in Flin Flon is now open. The expanded store employs 30 new staff in addition to employees from the previous location.
    The Northern Store, the only grocery store in La Loche, was destroyed by fire on April 25. The store's 16 employees, who are now without work, as a result, may be hired by a general store that operates in the community.
  • Start date: 2018-04-23, End date: 2018-04-27
    Week of Apr 23 - Apr 27, 2018

    In preparation for the shutdown of its smelter and refinery in Thompson, Vale Manitoba Operations has issued layoff notices to 169 hourly employees. Two smaller layoff phases are expected within the next year.
  • Start date: 2018-04-09, End date: 2018-04-13
    Week of Apr 09 - Apr 13, 2018

    On April 5, the provincial and federal governments announced the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year bilateral agreement to invest $176M in Manitoba's agricultural and agri-food sector
    The homeless shelter Oscar's Place in The Pas will no longer be closed this June. Manitoba Housing announced the purchase of the facility from The Pas Friendship Centre.
    The Manitoba Government announced it will increase the provincial minimum wage from $11.15 to $11.35 on October 1, 2018
  • Start date: 2018-04-02, End date: 2018-04-06
    Week of Apr 02 - Apr 06, 2018

    The provincial and federal governments are investing nearly $484,000 towards completion of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) grain innovation facility near Portage La Prairie
    The federal government is investing over $27M in 45 Indigenous Economic Growth projects across Western Canada through its Western Diversification Program. Over $5M was announced for eight such projects in Manitoba.
  • Start date: 2018-03-26, End date: 2018-03-30
    Week of Mar 26 - Mar 30, 2018

    The provincial government introduced legislation that will extend parental leave from 37 weeks to 63 weeks, and establish a 17-week leave to care for a critically ill adult family member
  • Start date: 2018-03-19, End date: 2018-03-23
    Week of Mar 19 - Mar 23, 2018

    Construction of Thompson's new wastewater treatment plant is a month behind schedule. Bird Construction, the project contractor, is still accepting job applications from residents to work on the project.
    A rising number of residents are looking to leave Churchill after record flooding in Manitoba's north damaged portions of the Hudson Bay Railway last spring. Food and gas prices have risen in the region, and most industries are facing declining business.
    The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 832, the union representing 2,200 Manitoban Safeway employees, reached a tentative agreement with Sobeys West Inc.
    Churchill's Rocket Greens, a hydroponic farm supplying fresh produce to the local community, is planning to expand. Also, Growcer Modular Food Solutions, the designers of the hydroponic system, plans on adding six other systems in Northern Canada.
    A number of mining exploration projects have begun in and around Flin Flon recently, with companies drilling test targets throughout the area
    The Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon is granting $50,000 to the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations over the next five years. The funds will be used to promote scientific research for youth in remote Saskatchewan communities and First Nations.
  • Start date: 2018-03-12, End date: 2018-03-16
    Week of Mar 12 - Mar 16, 2018

    The Manitoba government announced a $550M flood-management project that is to be completed by 2025. The project includes the construction of an access road and outlet channels from Lake St. Martin to Lake Manitoba.
    On March 9, the Manitoba government released Deloitte LLP's economic development report. The report provides recommendations for further economic development, and predicts lower economic growth in 2018.
    The provincial government recently announced the new Primary Care Paramedic Certification program at the University College of the North. The 16-seat program is expected to begin accepting applications in September 2018.
    As part of the 2018 provincial budget, the Manitoba government will invest over $100M to build five new schools over the next two years
  • Start date: 2018-03-05, End date: 2018-03-09
    Week of Mar 05 - Mar 09, 2018

    The Manitoban government announced that the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant program is currently assisting nearly 3,600 workers at 163 Manitoban companies. The grant provides companies with funding towards employee skills training.
    The governments of Canada and Manitoba are investing $47M over three years to help create up to 1,400 new child-care spaces. The funding will also improve child-care services in rural and northern Manitoba.
    The Manitoba government approved nearly $30M in funding towards 120 health-care facility maintenance projects across the province
    Fidler's Corner Store, located 16km south of Cranberry Portage, has reopened under new ownership
  • Start date: 2018-02-26, End date: 2018-03-02
    Week of Feb 26 - Mar 02, 2018

    The Provincial Government has conditionally accepted proposals from four organizations to operate retail cannabis locations across Manitoba
    The Federal Government granted the town of Churchill over $130K in funding to address the increasing cost of gasoline as the rail line remains out of service
  • Start date: 2018-02-19, End date: 2018-02-23
    Week of Feb 19 - Feb 23, 2018

    Over 1,300 RCMP telecommunications staff across Canada voted to join the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and are expected to be certified by mid-March
    Saskatchewan based Protein Industries Canada (PIC), which includes businesses and organizations from across the prairies, will receive between $150M to $250M over five years from the federal government's Innovation Superclusters Initiative
  • Start date: 2018-02-12, End date: 2018-02-16
    Week of Feb 12 - Feb 16, 2018

    Buildforce Canada recently released its annual 10-year forecast for Manitoba. The report suggests that the local construction industry could see a 7% decline in employment over the next decade.
    Starting this spring, Thompson's stand alone McDonald's restaurant will be redeveloped into a new 90-seat restaurant. Additional employees are expected to be hired once construction is complete.
    The Southern Chiefs' Organization has partnered with Working Warriors, a community-owned database, to connect Indigenous people with employers in Manitoba
  • Start date: 2018-02-05, End date: 2018-02-09
    Week of Feb 05 - Feb 09, 2018

    On December 2017, the province of Saskatchewan and the federal government signed an agreement worth about $2M to help junior mining companies explore areas of northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba
    Lowe's Canada will host its first National Hiring Day on February 24. The company plans to hire over 7,000 employees across the country this spring, including 150 in Manitoba
  • Start date: 2018-01-29, End date: 2018-02-02
    Week of Jan 29 - Feb 02, 2018

    First Nations-owned Clear Sky Connections is set to bring upgraded internet service to 72 communities in Northern Manitoba. Funding for the $63M project will be provided by the federal and provincial governments and other donors.
    Shaw Communications recently offered a voluntary buyout program to 6,500 Shaw and Freedom Mobile workers in an effort to refocus the company's operations. The program will remain open until February 14.
    Construction continues on the new Lions Manor 55 co-operative housing project in Thompson, and is expected to be ready in the fall of 2018
  • Start date: 2018-01-22, End date: 2018-01-26
    Week of Jan 22 - Jan 26, 2018

    The provincial government is granting over $1.4M to non-profit and community organizations for community development projects
    The Manitoba film industry expects 2017-2018 to be a boon year, with a record $160M in productions. Industry experts anticipate continued job growth due to the province's film tax credit and a low Canadian dollar.
  • Start date: 2018-01-15, End date: 2018-01-19
    Week of Jan 15 - Jan 19, 2018

    The federal government is providing $300M to support Indigenous police forces. The funds will serve to hire 110 new positions over the next five years in First Nations communities across Canada.
    The Manitoba government recently signed a multilateral agreement with the federal government to implement the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The five-year partnership will take effect on April 1, and invest $176M in strategic programming.
  • Start date: 2018-01-08, End date: 2018-01-12
    Week of Jan 08 - Jan 12, 2018

    The federal and provincial governments are pledging nearly $84M toward infrastructure improvements to bring high-speed internet to 112 remote Manitoba communities, including 48 First Nations
    Mining company Klondex announced an immediate reduction in its operations and workforce at its True North gold mine in Bissett. The number of affected employees is unknown at this time.
  • Start date: 2018-01-01, End date: 2018-01-05
    Week of Jan 01 - Jan 05, 2018

    The provincial government is currently evaluating over 100 proposals from applicants seeking to operate cannabis retail locations. Successful applicants will be notified in February, with retail locations expected to begin operating as early as July 2, 2018.
    According to the latest census, Manitoba's film industry is growing at a rate of 4.3% per year. At the national level, the industry is growing at 5.7% per year.
  • Start date: 2017-12-25, End date: 2017-12-29
    Week of Dec 25 - Dec 29, 2017

    The Manitoba government is set to streamline 25 provincial agencies, eliminating over 170 positions in the process. No layoffs are expected as a result of the cost-cutting measures.
    The Manitoba government has created a program, in partnership with Keystone Agricultural Producers, to provide dairy farm training to job seekers. The nine-week program will also include literacy and numeracy skills training.
    A recent study by Alamos Gold Inc. yielded positive results for two gold mines in Lynn Lake. If the company goes ahead with the project, 500 jobs could be created during the construction phase and another 500 once the site becomes operational.
    Three Manitoba First Nations have joined National Access Cannabis, a Winnipeg-based health-care service provider. The partnership will lead to the construction and operation of recreational cannabis stores on First Nation land.
  • Start date: 2017-12-18, End date: 2017-12-22
    Week of Dec 18 - Dec 22, 2017

    The CEO of the Communities Economic Development Fund recently met with business leaders in Flin Flon to discuss northern commerce. The fund supports local communities, primarily through business loans and fish loans.
    Flin Flon's sewer and water infrastructure are being upgraded thanks to the Canada-Manitoba New Building Canada Fund. The City of Flin Flon will spend $3.96M, and the provincial and federal governments will each provide $1.32M.
    The federal government is granting $4.2M to support communities in northern Manitoba. Part of the funds will be allocated to the University of Manitoba's Churchill Marine Observatory - creating 15 full-time and 20 short-term positions over five years.
  • Start date: 2017-12-11, End date: 2017-12-15
    Week of Dec 11 - Dec 15, 2017

    The Blueberry Jam Music Gathering, a new music event, is being planned for August 2018 in Flin Flon. The organizers hope to draw up to 500 visitors.
    The government of Manitoba is granting over $2.6M for community development projects via the Community Places program. Ninety-eight non-profit and community-led organizations from across the province will receive a grant through this program.
    An all-weather road linking Berens River with the Bloodvein First Nation is now complete. The 70-km road is expected to open up economic and tourism opportunities for the communities.
  • Start date: 2017-12-04, End date: 2017-12-08
    Week of Dec 04 - Dec 08, 2017

    Eight Caisse Financial Group branches are set to close in March 2018 due to a "low volume of activity"
    Delta 9, a Winnipeg medical marijuana producer, has teamed up with Canopy Growth, Canada's largest publicly traded marijuana producer, to sell cannabis products online
    Southern Health-Santé Sud hired thirteen new paramedics. The eleven full-time and two part-time positions are located in Gladstone, Carman and Morris
  • Start date: 2017-11-27, End date: 2017-12-01
    Week of Nov 27 - Dec 01, 2017

    The provincial government has passed the Fisheries Amendment Act to lift the monopoly of the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation. Effective December 1, allowing commercial fishers to market their own catch.
    The provincial government is giving $25M to support 86 community-based training and employment agencies. The grant will help over 20,400 Manitobans improve their skills and employment opportunities.
    On November 24, Sobeys Inc. began laying off over 800 employees across the country in an effort to cut costs as the company moves toward e-commerce. No details were available on the number of workers affected in Manitoba.
  • Start date: 2017-11-20, End date: 2017-11-24
    Week of Nov 20 - Nov 24, 2017

    On November 8, the Manitoba Teachers' Society welcomed 43 new educators to the School District of Mystery Lake
  • Start date: 2017-11-13, End date: 2017-11-17
    Week of Nov 13 - Nov 17, 2017

    Travel Manitoba is working with communities in northern Manitoba as part of the Look North initiative to promote tourism within the region. The goal is for the tourism industry to reach $2B by 2020.
    The 9th annual Artist, Crafters and Small Business Expo took place in Thompson on November 4. The event drew 49 vendors and about 700 visitors.
    Vale hosted their annual open house in Thompson on November 4. The event demonstrated Vale's responsibility to the community and promoted the new Workforce Adjustment Services. The company expects to lay-off 700 workers by the end of 2018.
    On November 1, OmniTrax, which owns the Hudson Bay Railway and the Port of Churchill, raised fuel prices in Churchill by 30%. The town is working with Calm Air and government officials to ensure there is enough fuel throughout the winter.
    The provincial government is investing almost $200,000 to support at-risk youth in Thompson earn high school credits and gain work skills. The Youth Build Program in Thompson will provide at-risk youth training in carpentry and construction, followed with a paid work experience.

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