See what careers match your abilities

Everyone has tasks that they find easier to perform over others. Occupations have different sets of tasks that use various levels and combinations of skills. To find out which careers you’re most likely to succeed in, test your strength level in a variety of different areas, including:

  • motor coordination
  • manual and finger dexterity
  • verbal, numerical and learning ability
  • spatial, form and clerical perception

All questions must be answered.

10 minutes 39 questions

Seeing fine details in objects.
Making a three-dimensional (3D) pencil or digital drawing of an object.
Checking for mistakes in adding or subtracting.
Giving the exact change when working with money.
Threading a needle.
Catching on quickly and reasoning things out.
Solving math problems.
Identifying mistakes in printed or digital documents.
Inspecting things for details such as colouring, scratches, dust, and flaws.
Learning and understanding things quickly.

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