How do I get Canadian Work Experience?

Newcomers may face challenges finding a job in Canada. Statistics Canada identifies four labour market challenges faced by newcomers to Canada. One challenge is work experience.

Experience in a Canadian workplace may be a requirement or an employer preference, in both regulated and non-regulated occupations. It is useful for newcomers to present experience they have gained in another country as valuable to Canadian employers. This can be done in a resume. For more information, please visit the How do I Apply for a Job? section.

Bridging Programs

Definition ofBridging programs, Definition ofinternships, Definition ofvoluntary, and temporary work as well as Definition ofself-employment are ways to gain Canadian-based work experience.

To find information on local Bridging and Employment Programs for newcomers in your province or territory visit: British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba.


Volunteer work is an excellent way to gain Canadian work experience and it is unpaid. Volunteering can help you:

Canada's national Job Bank offers links to volunteer opportunities and information about volunteering.

Part-time or Temporary Work

Definition ofPart-time work allows for a reduced work week. Definition ofTemporary work is to fill a position for a specific period of time (for example, with a start and end date).

Canada's national Job Bank provides links to opportunities and resources about part time work.

Organizations to Help You

There are hundreds of Definition oforganizations to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada. These organizations can help you in many ways, including in your search for a job. For more information on organizations that help immigrants, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Service Canada Web sites.

For a list of employment services in Québec, visit the Emploi Québec Web site.

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