Job searching while receiving the Canada Recovery Benefit

Once you’ve applied for the Canada Recovery Benefit, take time to consider how your unique experience and skills can be put to use in one of Canada’s many in-demand sectors.

Get help with your job search

For over a hundred years, the Government of Canada’s Job Bank has helped Canadians find work ‐ even through uncertain times like these. Take full advantage of their wide range of proven tools to simplify your job search.

Get to know yourself better

Answer one of Job Bank’s career quizzes to find out what occupations would be a good fit for you based on your skills and interests. Take a personality test to better understand how you think and learn, and what matters to you in a job.

Identify potential career paths

Do a quick inventory of your skills and knowledge to find matching jobs and career options. Check off all the skills and knowledge you have or are interested in, and find out what occupations could be a good fit for you based on your selections.

Make informed education choices

On Job Bank, you can find out how well graduates of various education programs are doing after school in Canada. Are they employed in their field of study? How much do they earn? Would they study in this field again?

Learn about an occupation

Curious about a career path? Research an occupation to find out what the job is all about. You can see how much you could make, what skills and education you need, and whether there will be jobs in this field over the next few years.

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