Job searching while receiving the Canada Emergency Student Benefit

The CESB closed to applications on September 30, 2020. You can no longer apply for this benefit. If you continue to need income support, go to the COVID-19 benefits page.

Once you've applied for the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB), start your job search on Job Bank.

Sign up with Job Bank

Job Bank has a long history of helping Canadians look for work and plan their careers – even through uncertain times like these. Take full advantage of our wide range of proven tools to simplify your job search.

With a Standard account on Job Bank, you can browse jobs that interest you, add them to your favourites and get notified by email when new jobs that match your preferences are advertised. You can even build a professional resume.

To access more features on Job Bank, sign up for a Plus account. You will get matched to jobs suited for your unique abilities, and employers can invite you to apply.

Keep track of your job search

You may be asked to submit a report on your ongoing job search activities while receiving the Canada Emergency Student Benefit.

Job search activities can include:

  • Browsing and applying for job postings online
  • Applying for Canada Summer Jobs positions near you
  • Preparing a resume or cover letter
  • Attending virtual job search workshops
  • Taking career orientation quizzes
  • Cold-calling employers
  • Attending a job interview

You should document the progress of your job search regularly. For example, you can simply keep a journal in the Notes app on your phone. Service Canada provides a sample job search form you can use as a template.

Don't feel like writing everything down? With a Standard or Plus account on Job Bank, you can track the progress of your job search in real time. Monitor the number of days you actively searched for a job and keep track of jobs you viewed, favourited, and applied to throughout the weeks. All of your activity will automatically be documented in your account. You will be able to view, print, or screenshot your Job Search Activity Report when needed. Learn more.

You can also try our Resume Builder and Career Quizzes as part of your job search. To swipe through jobs on your phone and speed up your search, download our mobile app.

When applying, keep in mind that employers do not need to provide confirmation that you've applied for the job. You should never pay for proof of your job search and, if asked, you should refuse.

Consider working in essential services

The job market is not closed – it's adjusting to the realities of COVID-19. Many employers are still looking for workers to provide essential services to our country. If you're having a hard time finding a job in your current field of study or experience, think of how else your help could benefit your community. Now is the time to try exploring career options you hadn't previously considered and diversify your resume.

There is strong demand for workers in the agri-food sector. From harvesting farm fields to stocking grocery store shelves, you can play a role in making sure fresh food continues to reach kitchen tables across Canada.

Visit Job Bank's COVID-19 page to browse more job opportunities, including work-from-home positions. You can also sign up for a Plus account to get matched to jobs that suit you and find out where your help would be most valuable.

Job opportunities for youth and students

As many provinces and territories are moving towards reopening their economy, Canada Summer Jobs is creating thousands of jobs for youth in communities across the country. The program gives funding to employers in key sectors to help them hire young Canadians full-time or part-time for a minimum of six weeks. You can search those summer jobs on Job Bank, or find them or on our mobile app.

Get help with your job search

We know looking for work can be overwhelming, and even more so at this time. Here are some resources to support you with your job search.

Need more help looking for work or using Job Bank?

You can also visit our FAQs to learn more about how to use Job Bank while receiving the Canada Emergency Student Benefit.

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