Job description Information Clerk - Customer Service in the Prince Albert Region

Find out what work is like for an information clerk - customer service in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Other customer and information services representatives (NOC 6552).

Other customer and information services representatives


Other customer and information services representatives answer enquiries and provide information regarding an establishment's goods, services and policies and who provide customer services such as receiving payments and processing requests for services. They are employed by retail establishments, contact centres, insurance, telecommunications and utility companies and other establishments throughout the private and public sectors.

Job duties

  • This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Customer service representatives in retail establishments
  • Answer, in person or on the phone, enquiries from customers
  • Investigate complaints regarding the establishment's goods, services and policies
  • Arrange for refunds, exchange and credit for returned merchandise
  • Receive account payments
  • Receive credit and employment applications.
  • Contact centre agents
  • Take customer orders for goods or services
  • Promote goods or services
  • Respond to enquiries and emergencies
  • Investigate complaints and update accounts.
  • Customer service representatives in insurance, telecommunication, utility and similar companies
  • Explain the type and cost of services offered
  • Order services
  • Provide information about claims or accounts
  • Update accounts, initiate billing and process claim payments, and receive payment for services.
  • Information services representatives
  • Provide information to customers and the public concerning goods, services, schedules, rates, regulations and policies in response to telephone and in-person enquiries.

Job titles

  • complaints clerk - customer service
  • accounts information clerk
  • information clerk - customer service
  • lost-and-found clerk
  • tourist information clerk
  • public relations clerk
  • customer service representative - call centre
  • bus information clerk
  • courtesy desk clerk
  • order desk agent
  • enquiries clerk
  • contact centre agent - customer service

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