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Find out what work is like for a cabinetmaker in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Cabinetmakers (NOC 72311).



Cabinetmakers use a variety of woods and laminates to construct and repair wooden cabinets, furniture, fixtures and related products. They are employed by furniture manufacturing or repair companies, construction companies and cabinetmaking contractors, or they may be self-employed. Apprentices are also included in this unit group.

Work week duration

Cabinetmakers usually work between 35 to 40 hours per week.
Between 35 to 40 hours

Job duties

Here are some of the main activities and tasks that Cabinetmakers have to perform, and some of the physical demands they involve:

  • Study plans, specifications or drawings of articles to be made, or prepare specifications
  • Mark outlines or dimensions of parts on wood
  • Operate woodworking machines, such as power saws, jointers, mortisers and shapers, and use hand tools to cut, shape and form parts and components
  • Trim joints and fit parts and subassemblies together to form complete unit using glue and clamps and reinforce joints using nails, screws or other fasteners
  • Sand wooden surfaces and apply veneer, stain or polish to finished products
  • Repair or restyle wooden furniture, fixtures and related products
  • May estimate amount, type and cost of materials required.

Physical demands Help - Physical Demands

  • Standing
  • Handling material manually
  • Bending or twisting the body
  • Making repetitive motions
  • Walking and running

Workplaces and employers

Here are the typical workplaces where Cabinetmakers are employed and some of their main characteristics:

  • Furniture manufacturing or repair companies
  • Self-employed
  • Construction companies
  • Cabinetmaking contractors

Work environment Help - Physical Work Environment

  • Hazardous equipment, machinery, tools
  • Indoors, not environmentally controlled
  • Standard safety equipment
  • Dangerous chemical substances
  • Sound and noise

Physical proximity from others Help - Physical proximity from others

  • Somewhat close (e.g. share office)

Related job titles

Here are some other related job titles that are found in the same occupational category (NOC 72311), and a list of similar occupations:

  • cabinetmaker
  • cabinetmaker apprentice
  • custom wood furniture maker
  • furniture cabinetmaker

Similar occupations Help - Similar occupations

Sources Occupational and Skills Information System & National Occupational Classification

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