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Find out what work is like for a taxi dispatcher in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Dispatchers (NOC 14404).



Dispatchers operate radios and other telecommunication equipment to dispatch emergency vehicles and to coordinate the activities of drivers and other personnel. They are employed by police, fire and health departments, other emergency service agencies, taxi, delivery and courier services, trucking and utilities companies, and other commercial and industrial establishments.

Work week duration

Dispatchers usually work between 35 to 40 hours per week.
Between 35 to 40 hours

Job duties

Here are some of the main activities and tasks that Dispatchers have to perform, and some of the physical demands they involve:

  • Receive requests for emergency assistance or service and contact ambulances, police and fire departments, tow-trucks, and utility crews
  • Process and transmit information and instructions to coordinate the activities of vehicle operators, crews and equipment using a variety of computer-aided communications and dispatching equipment
  • Dispatch personnel according to written schedules and work orders, or as required by emergency situations
  • Advise vehicle operators of route and traffic problems such as construction, accidents, congestion, weather conditions, weight and size restrictions and other information
  • Operate radio equipment to communicate with ships, aircraft, mining crews, offshore oil rigs, logging camps and other remote operations
  • Monitor personnel workloads and locations
  • Maintain vehicle operator work records using computerized or manual methods and ensure time sheets and payroll summaries are completed accurately
  • Maintain computer and manual records of mileage, fuel use, repairs and other expenses, and generate reports.

Physical demands Help - Physical Demands

  • Sitting
  • Making repetitive motions

Workplaces and employers

Here are the typical workplaces where Dispatchers are employed and some of their main characteristics:

  • Police, fire and health departments
  • Emergency service agencies
  • Trucking companies
  • Commercial and industrial establishments
  • Taxi, delivery and courier services
  • Utility companies

Work environment Help - Physical Work Environment

  • Indoors, environmentally controlled

Physical proximity from others Help - Physical proximity from others

  • Somewhat close (e.g. share office)

Related job titles

Here are some other related job titles that are found in the same occupational category (NOC 14404), and a list of similar occupations:

  • 911 dispatcher
  • alarm system dispatcher
  • ambulance dispatcher
  • emergency vehicle dispatcher
  • mobile equipment dispatcher
  • radio operator
  • taxi dispatcher
  • tow truck dispatcher
  • truck dispatcher
  • utilities maintenance crew dispatcher

Similar occupations Help - Similar occupations

Sources Occupational and Skills Information System & National Occupational Classification

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