Job description Transit Operator - Transportation near Toronto (ON)

Find out what work is like for a transit operator - transportation in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators (NOC 7512).

Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators


Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators drive buses and operate streetcars, subway trains and light rail transit vehicles to transport passengers on established routes. Bus drivers are employed by urban transit systems, school boards or transportation authorities and private transportation companies. Streetcar, subway and light rail transit operators are employed by urban transit systems.

Job duties

  • This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Bus drivers and streetcar operators
  • Drive buses or streetcars to transport passengers along established routes to local destinations
  • Drive buses to transport passengers and goods to intercity or long distance destinations
  • Drive sightseeing tour buses to transport passengers locally or over long distances
  • Drive buses equipped for wheelchair accessibility, and aid passengers in boarding
  • Provide passengers with information on fares, schedules and stops
  • Collect fares, issue and validate transfers, check bus passes and record transactions
  • Conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections of vehicle
  • Communicate with passengers, dispatchers or other drivers using two-way radio systems
  • Report delays, mechanical problems and accidents
  • May provide information on points of interest during sightseeing tours
  • May load and unload passengers' luggage and express freight.
  • School bus drivers
  • Drive school buses to transport children between school and home or on excursions
  • Ensure children's safety when boarding and leaving buses and crossing street while bus is stopped
  • Maintain control of student activities during travel to prevent distractions or behaviours that could compromise safety
  • May transport adults outside of school hours on chartered trips.
  • Subway train and light rail transit operators
  • Operate subway or rail transit vehicles as part of two-person crew
  • Observe signals at crossings and arrival and departure points
  • Operate controls to open and close transit vehicle doors
  • Report delays, malfunctions and accidents to control unit
  • Ensure passenger safety and welfare in emergencies, and direct passengers during evacuation procedures.

Job titles

  • public passenger transit driver
  • bus driver
  • motor coach driver
  • streetcar operator
  • subway train operator
  • school bus driver
  • light rail transit operator
  • sightseeing tour driver
  • bus operator
  • transit operator - transportation

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