Job description Control Clerk, Production in the South Central Region

Find out what work is like for a control clerk, production in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Production logistics co-ordinators (NOC 14402).

Production logistics workers


Production logistics workers expedite the flow of work and materials within an establishment and prepare merchandise ready for shipment. They are employed by manufacturing and construction companies, printing and publishing companies and other industrial establishments.

Job duties

  • Find, sort or move goods between different sections, unit and departments and receive, unpack and track merchandise
  • Compile detailed worksheets and specifications from customer's order
  • Compare items packed with customer orders and other identifying data for quality control
  • Compile reports on the progress of work and on any production problems that arise
  • Track material inventory, prepare new material orders, monitor order schedules for inventory control and maintain inventory records
  • Maintain contact with vendors to ensure that supplies and equipment are shipped on time
  • Prepare material estimates to ensure enough materials are available to complete production projects.

Job titles

  • expediter
  • production clerk
  • scheduling clerk
  • traffic control clerk

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