Job description Transportation Logistics Coordinator near Vancouver (BC)

Find out what work is like for a transportation logistics coordinator in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations (NOC 13201).

Production and transportation logistics coordinators


Production logistics coordinators coordinate and expedite the flow of work within an establishment, prepare work and production schedules and monitor the progress of production and construction projects. Transportation logistics coordinators coordinate and monitor the movement of products and ensure that products are shipped and received on schedule. They are employed by manufacturing and construction companies and other industrial establishments.

Job duties

  • Production logistics coordinators
  • Plan and oversee operational logistics of supply-chain work units or departments
  • Consult with production supervisor to schedule production runs in a cost and time-efficient manner
  • Communicate regularly with other production coordinators, warehouse, production and construction supervisors and purchasing and inventory clerks to coordinate activities between warehouses, production floors, construction sites or other supply chain work units or departments
  • Maintains inventory of materials and parts needed to complete production
  • Prepare and maintain various reports on the progress of work, materials used, rates of production and other production information, using manual or computerized systems.
  • Transportation logistics coordinators
  • Coordinate and monitor logistics of the movement of parts, supplies and materials within an establishment and ensure that supplies, materials and products are shipped and received on schedule
  • Prepare and process all customs documents for International & U.S. shipments.

Job titles

  • dispatch logistician
  • freight forwarding logistician
  • production coordinator
  • production scheduler
  • supply chain coordinator - production
  • supply control coordinator

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