Job description Travel Agent in Canada

Find out what work is like for a travel agent in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Travel counsellors (NOC 64310).

Travel counsellors


Travel counsellors advise clients on travel options and tour packages, make bookings and reservations, prepare tickets and receive payment. They are employed in travel agencies, transportation and tourism firms and hotel chains.

Job duties

  • Provide travel information to clients regarding destinations, transportation and accommodation options and travel costs, and recommend suitable products
  • Plan and organize vacation travel for individuals or groups
  • Make transportation and accommodation reservations using computerized reservation and ticketing system
  • Sell single fare tickets and package tours to clients
  • Promote particular destinations, tour packages and other travel services
  • Investigate new travel destinations, hotels and other facilities and attractions
  • Provide travel tips regarding tourist attractions, foreign currency, customs, languages and travel safety.

Job titles

  • reservation agent - travel agency
  • travel agent
  • travel consultant

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