Job description Automatic Door System Installer And Servicer in Northwest Territories

Find out what work is like for an automatic door system installer and servicer in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Residential and commercial installers and servicers (NOC 7441).

Residential and commercial installers and servicers


Residential and commercial installers and servicers install and service a wide variety of interior and exterior prefabricated products such as windows, doors, electrical appliances, water heaters, fences, play structures and septic and irrigation systems at residential, commercial or institutional properties. They are employed by companies specializing in specific product installation and service.

Job duties

  • This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Read blueprints or work order specifications to determine layout and installation procedures
  • Measure and mark guidelines to be used for installations
  • Install, repair and service interior prefabricated products such as doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, water heaters and household appliances using hand and power tools
  • Install, repair and service exterior prefabricated products such as siding, shutters, awnings, fencing, decks, septic and irrigation systems, signs and play structures using hand and power tools.

Job titles

  • siding installer
  • swimming pool installer
  • recreation structure erector
  • water conditioner servicer
  • sign installer
  • aluminum window installer
  • exterior cladder
  • kitchen cupboard and vanity installer
  • hot tub installer
  • eavestrough installer
  • electric appliance installer
  • fence erector
  • water heater servicer
  • window installer
  • irrigation technician - installation and maintenance

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