Job prospects Systems Security Analyst in the Edmundston–Woodstock Region

National Occupational Classification update

We have updated this page to reflect the transition to the 2021 version of the National Occupational Classification (NOC). This means that the occupation "systems security analyst" was moved from the group Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171) to the group Cybersecurity specialists (NOC 21220).

Explore current and future job prospects for people working as "Information systems analysts and consultants" in the Edmundston–Woodstock Region or Canada.

Current and future job prospects

Note that these outlooks are based on the 2016 version of the NOC. Learn more about our methodology.

Recent trends from the past 3 years

The prospect of finding work in this occupation was very good over the past few years (2019-2021). There were far more job openings than workers available to fill them.

Source Labour Market Information | Recent Trends Assessment Methodology

Job outlook over the next 3 years

systems security analyst
Prospects over the next 3 years
Very good

The employment outlook will be very good for Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171) in the Edmundston - Woodstock region for the 2022-2024 period.

The following factors contributed to this outlook:

  • Employment growth will lead to several new positions.
  • Several positions will become available due to retirements.
  • There are a small number of unemployed workers with recent experience in this occupation.

Additional information is available at the provincial level.

Here are some key facts about Information systems analysts and consultants in the Edmundston - Woodstock region:

  • Approximately 120 people worked in this occupation in May 2016.
  • Information systems analysts and consultants mainly work in the following sectors:
    • Food, beverage and tobacco product manufacturing (NAICS 311, 312): 38%
    • Transportation and warehousing (NAICS 48-49): 20%
    • Professional, scientific and technical services (NAICS 54): 16%
    • Educational services (NAICS 61): 9%
    • Wholesale trade (NAICS 41): 5%

Source Labour Market Information | Prospects Methodology

Labour market conditions over the next 10 years

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