Job prospects General Farm Worker near Stratford (ON)

Explore current and future job prospects for General farm workers near Stratford (ON). These trends also apply to people working as a general farm worker.

Note that the current 2019-2021 Employment Outlook was published in December 2019 based on information available at that time.

Recent trends

Balanced labour market

The prospect of finding work in this occupation was fair over the past few years (2016-2018). The number of job openings was about the same as the number of workers available.

Source Labour Market Information | Recent Trends Methodology

Job prospects

general farm worker
Outlook over the next 3 years
Good Good

The employment outlook will be good for General farm workers (NOC 8431) in the Stratford - Bruce Peninsula region for the 2019-2021 period.

The following factors contributed to this outlook:

  • Employment growth will lead to a moderate number of new positions.
  • Not many positions will become available due to retirements.
  • There are a small number of unemployed workers with recent experience in this occupation.
  • Due to the seasonal nature of this occupation, employment opportunities may vary depending on the time of the year.

The Stratford–Bruce Peninsula region forms part of the agricultural heartland in southern Ontario and accounts for about 18.0% of all farms in the province. General farm workers are one of the largest occupational groups in this region. Stratford–Bruce Peninsula has the greatest number of general farm workers in Ontario and one of the largest agricultural workforces in the province. The Huron, Grey, Perth, and Bruce areas all have a significant number of farms with Huron having the highest in Ontario. The number of farms increased in Grey and Huron between 2011 and 2016. Unlike many other economic regions, the total area of land used for farming activities grew in Stratford–Bruce, with gains in Perth, Huron and Grey. The county of Grey has been able to attract younger farmers and West Grey has a sizeable organics sector. The agricultural industry is quite broad in this region with numerous oilseed and grain farms, livestock farms such as beef cattle and hog and pig farms, dairy producers, and poultry and egg farms.

Here are some key facts about General farm workers in the Stratford - Bruce Peninsula region:

  • Approximately 3,490 people work in this occupation.
  • General farm workers mainly work in the following sectors:
    • Agriculture (NAICS 111, 112, 1151, 1152): 90%
  • Source Labour Market Information | Outlook Methodology

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