Skills Manufacturing Technician - Industrial Engineering near Stratford (ON)

Find out what skills you typically need to work as a manufacturing technician - industrial engineering in Canada. These skills are applicable to all Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians (NOC 22302).


  • Develop and conduct production, inventory and quality assurance programs
  • Design plant layouts and production facilities
  • Develop and carry out work study
  • Conduct work measurement or other studies
  • Develop and carry out health, safety and fire prevention plans
  • Conduct safety training programs
  • Develop computer applications for machines and processes
  • Collect and compile operational or experimental data
  • Collect and analyze data and samples
  • Develop manufacturing and processing procedures
  • Assist in preparing estimates, schedules, specifications and reports
  • Read blueprints and drawings
  • Set machine or equipment controls, oversee production and inspect processes

Skills and Knowledge Checklist

The following skills and knowledge are usually required in this occupation.


Analysis Help - Analysis
  • Projecting Outcomes
  • Researching and Investigating
  • Planning
  • Analyzing Information
Service and Care Help - Service and Care
  • Protecting and Enforcing
Management Help - Management
  • Evaluating
Communication Help - Communication
  • Teaching and Training
  • Advising and Consulting
Information Handling Help - Information Handling
  • Processing Information
Creative Expression Help - Creative Expression
  • Designing
Working with Technological Equipment and Machinery Help - Working with Technological Equipment and Machinery
  • Using Specialized Instrumentation and Equipment


Manufacturing and Production Help - Manufacturing and Production
  • Processing and Production
Law and Public Safety Help - Law and Public Safety
  • Public Safety and Security
Engineering and Technology Help - Engineering and Technology
  • Engineering and Applied Technologies
  • Design
  • Mechanics and Machinery
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