Skills Social Services Program Officers Supervisor near Flin Flon, MB

Find out what skills you typically need to work as a social services program officers supervisor in Canada. These skills are applicable to all Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers (NOC 4164). Learn more about social services program officers supervisor


People working in this occupation usually apply the following skill set.

  • Develop social programs, social legislation or proposals
  • Plan and co-ordinate social services
  • Conduct demographic, social and economic analyses
  • Conduct research
  • Advise consumers on the selection and proper use of consumer goods
  • Counsel individuals on daily-life issues
  • Develop and promote new food products
  • Provide advice in the area of food preparation and storage, and food safety
  • Participate in retail buying, marketing and small business endeavours
  • Identify and assess economic, demographic and social developments and report on implications for housing and related social policy
  • Plan, organize and administer foreign aid and international development policies and programs
  • Develop questionnaires for social survey research
  • Conduct surveys and analyze data
  • Compile and interpret statistics on social issues and policy research
  • Prepare research papers, educational texts or articles
  • Provide consulting services to government and other organizations
  • Deliver presentations at conferences, workshops or symposia

Skills and knowledge

The following skills and knowledge are usually required in this occupation.

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