Skills Microprocessor Designer And Application Engineer near Vancouver (BC)

Find out what skills you typically need to work as a microprocessor designer and application engineer in Canada. These skills are applicable to all Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) (NOC 2147).


People working in this occupation usually apply the following skill set.

  • Lead and co-ordinate teams of engineers, technologists, technicians and drafters in the design and development of computer and telecommunications hardware
  • Supervise, inspect and provide design support during the manufacturing, installation and implementation of computer and telecommunications hardware
  • Develop and conduct design verification simulations and prototype bench tests of components
  • Research, design, develop and integrate computer and telecommunications hardware
  • Analyze user's requirements, and design and develop system architecture and specifications
  • Assess, document and optimize the capacity and performance of information and communication system networks
  • Research, evaluate and integrate network system and data communication hardware and software
  • Research, design and develop information and communication system network architecture
  • Lead and co-ordinate teams of design professionals in the development and integration of information and communication system architecture, hardware and software

Skills and knowledge

The following skills and knowledge are usually required in this occupation.

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