Skills Software Design Engineer near Calgary (AB)

Find out what skills you typically need to work as a software design engineer in Canada. These skills are applicable to all Software engineers and designers (NOC 21231).


  • Collect and document user's requirements and develop logical and physical specifications
  • Research, evaluate and synthesize technical information to design, develop and test computer-based systems
  • Develop data, process and network models to optimize architecture and to evaluate the performance and reliability of designs
  • Plan, design and co-ordinate the development, installation, integration and operation of computer-based systems
  • Assess, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and develop maintenance procedures for operating systems, communications environments and applications software
  • Lead and co-ordinate teams of information systems professionals in the development of software and integrated information systems, process control software and other embedded software control systems

Skills and Knowledge Checklist

The following skills and knowledge are usually required in this occupation.


Analysis Help - Analysis
  • Projecting Outcomes
  • Researching and Investigating
  • Planning
  • Inspecting and Testing
Management Help - Management
  • Co-ordinating and Organizing
  • Supervising
Communication Help - Communication
  • Liaising and Networking
Creative Expression Help - Creative Expression
  • Designing
  • Writing
Working with Technological Equipment and Machinery Help - Working with Technological Equipment and Machinery
  • Installing and Setting-Up Technical Infrastructure
  • Debugging and Reprogramming Technical Systems


Law and Public Safety Help - Law and Public Safety
  • Public Safety and Security
Engineering and Technology Help - Engineering and Technology
  • Computer and Information Systems
  • Design
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