Summary Diamond Grader - Jewellery Manufacturing near Vancouver (BC)

Find key facts and figures about working as a diamond grader - jewellery manufacturing. The following information is applicable to all Jewellers, jewellery and watch repairers and related occupations (NOC 6344).


Jewellers and workers in related occupations fabricate, assemble, repair and appraise fine jewellery. Watch repairers and related workers repair, clean, adjust and fabricate parts for clocks and watches. They are employed by jewellery, clock and watch manufacturers and retail stores, by jewellery and watch repair shops or they may be self-employed.


  • Fabricate and repair precious and semi-precious metal jewellery
  • Examine, cut, shape and polish diamonds and precious and synthetic gems
  • Appraise gemstones and diamonds to identify rare specimens and to detect peculiarity affecting stone values
  • Set precious and semi-precious stones in jewellery mountings
  • Fabricate or fit parts to make watches and clocks


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