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Find key facts and figures about working as a cleaning supervisor. The following information is applicable to all Cleaning supervisors (NOC 6315).


Cleaning supervisors supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers in the following unit groups: Light duty cleaners (6731), Specialized cleaners (6732), and Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents (6733). They are employed by hospitals and other health care institutions, hotels, motels, schools and other educational institutions, commercial and industrial establishments, home and office cleaning establishments and by various specialized cleaning companies.


  • Supervise and co-ordinate activities of workers
  • Inspect sites or facilities to ensure safety and cleanliness standards
  • Recommend or arrange for additional maintenance services
  • Receive payment for specialized cleaning jobs
  • Assist cleaners in performing duties



Median wage in Athabasca–Grande Prairie–Peace River Region

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The job outlook is fair in Athabasca–Grande Prairie–Peace River Region

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College or apprenticeship

College education or apprenticeship training usually required

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advertised near Grande Prairie (AB)

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