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Find key facts and figures about working as a fertilization service contractor - agriculture. The following information is applicable to all Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers (NOC 8252).


Agricultural service contractors provide agricultural services such as livestock and poultry breeding, soil preparation, crop planting, crop spraying, cultivating or harvesting. Farm supervisors supervise the work of general farm workers and harvesting labourers. Specialized livestock workers carry out feeding, health and breeding programs on dairy, beef, sheep, poultry, swine and other livestock farms. Contractors may be self-employed.


  • Assist in the development and implementation of farm safety and bio-security procedures
  • Maintain financial and production records
  • Provide agricultural crop services such as plowing, irrigating, cultivating, spraying or harvesting
  • Provide agricultural livestock services such as artificial insemination, spraying or shearing of livestock or disinfecting pens, barns or poultry houses
  • Negotiate with clients for provision of services



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