Summary Program Supervisor, Sports, Recreation And Leisure near Vancouver (BC)

Find key facts and figures about working as a program supervisor, sports, recreation and leisure. The following information is applicable to all Recreation, sports and fitness policy researchers, consultants and program officers (NOC 4167).


Policy researchers, consultants and program officers in recreation, sports and fitness oversee and administer recreation, sports and fitness programs and activities, provide consulting services, conduct research and develop programs and policies related to recreation, sports and physical fitness. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, recreation, sports, fitness and health care facilities, retirement homes, community centres, sports and fitness consulting firms and organizations, or they may be self-employed.


  • Conduct research and develop government policies related to recreation, sports, fitness and athletic safety and standards
  • Prepare research papers, educational texts or articles
  • Write proposals and press statements for corporations, industry and the fitness community
  • Provide expert advice and consulting services in the design, development and administration of sports, fitness and recreation programs and activities
  • Co-ordinate special events



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