Wages Personal Support Worker - Home Support near Miramichi, NB

People working as a personal support worker - home support in the Campbellton--Miramichi Region usually earn between $11.50/hour and $15.00/hour. These wages are applicable to all Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations (NOC 4412). Learn more about personal support worker - home support

Prevailing wages

Wages depend on job requirements and work conditions. They also vary between regions, for reasons such as location, labour agreements, and the availability of workers. The wages below are estimated before taxes.

Wage Report
Community/Area Wages ($/hour) Note
Low Median High
Canada 12.00 15.80 23.00
New Brunswick 11.50 13.40 16.00
Campbellton--Miramichi Region 11.50 13.65 15.00
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