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Conference and event planners  (NOC 1226)
Avalon Peninsula Region
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Education and job requirements can vary by region. Workers in regulated occupations require a licence to work legally. Workers in non-regulated occupations do not require a licence, but employers may have other certification requirements.

Provincial/Territorial Regulation

Table of job opportunities for your chosen occupation at the provincial or territorial level.
Location Regulation
Newfoundland and Labrador

This occupation does not require certification in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Many occupations require licensing or certification to operate certain types of equipment, or to drive trucks and other vehicles. However, most of these occupations are not part of the list of regulated professions and trades.

Ministries and Departments of Education

Education is the responsibility of the ten provinces and three territories. Each has its own ministry (sometimes called "department") that oversees the organization, delivery and assessment of education.

Distance Learning

Distance learning lets you study via the Internet or other methods such as cable TV or correspondence. It also opens virtual doors for students who cannot study away from home.

Visit CanLearn for a list of Canadian colleges, universities and other institutions providing thousands of courses at a distance.

[ Source: CanLearn - HRSDC ]
Information for Newcomers

Fact Sheet for Internationally Trained Individuals

Are you an internationally trained individual looking for guidance on foreign credential recognition in your profession in Canada? This occupational fact sheet can help you by providing information on:

  • the general requirements to work in your profession
  • the steps that you can take to find the most reliable sources of information

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