How to Create a Job Posting


Title page: This video explains how to post a job on Job Bank in 5 easy steps.

Page 1: Step 1. Click on "Create a new job posting" and Select a business.

Page 2: Step 2. First enter a job title. You have over 40,000 choices.

Page 3: Step 3. Next, enter details about the job such as how many vacancies, whether it's part time or full time, wages and benefits.

Page 4: You can also select to market your job to specific job seekers or indicate that the job is part of a government program.

Page 5: Step 4. Then, you can add things like required skills and education background. You have over 14,000 options to choose from.

Page 6: Step 5. Select how job seekers can apply to this job. You can also provide a hyperlink to your website for more details about this job. Click "save and advertise".

Page 7: Congratulations! You have successfully created a new job. You will receive an email when it is advertised.

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