How to Create a User Account


Title page: This video explains how to create a Job Bank user account in 4 easy steps.

Page 1: First, go to the job bank website, and then click on "Recruit and Hire". This will bring you to a page for employers.

Page 2: Once on this page, click on "Post a job".

Page 3: Before you begin your registration, read the instructions that apply to your situation and click on "Proceed".

Page 4: Read carefully the "Terms of use and conditions". If you wish to continue, click "I agree"

Page 5: Step 1. Enter your email and a password. This information will be used as your log-in information.

Page 6: Step 2. Enter the confirmation code that you have received by email.

Page 7: Step 3. Enter your authentication information. Remember: Do not register or use someone else's personal information.

Page 8: Step 4. Select your security questions and answers

Page 9: You have now successfully created a Job Bank user account.

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