Where does the data presented in the School to work transition tool come from?

The School to work transition tool uses the most current available data in Canada and is updated when new data becomes available. It presents data from various sources.

Employment outcomes

The information on the employment outcomes of college, university and apprenticeship graduates is based on data from the:

The three surveys are conducted by Statistics Canada and provide a wide range of information about graduates and their employment experience after graduating for example annual earnings, occupations, satisfaction with their program of study.

Note: Unlike the Census, the National Graduates Survey does not include information on graduates of private postsecondary institutions.


Postsecondary institutions and programs

Information on where students can study a particular program comes from the Canadian Postsecondary Information Collection (CPIC). This database is maintained by Employment and Social Development Canada and includes information on both public and private institutions.

The program information is based on information available on institutions' websites, which is then classified according to the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP). Programs that cannot be classified at the 4 or 6-digit CIP do not appear in the tool (for example, some general programs).

Important: Data may not be available for certain fields of study where there were not enough data to provide reliable estimates. Statistics Canada suppresses these estimates to ensure the quality of the data and/or anonymity of survey respondents.

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