How can I find information about employment outcomes and earnings of recent graduates in my education program?

If you want to know what jobs graduates in your field of study have and how much they earn, you can use the School to work transition tool to find out.

The tool provides income and employment data for education programs across Canada. It shows the median earnings, the earning range and the occupations of people who graduated in a specific education program.   

  • Median earnings is a "middle" earnings value. This means that half of people earn more than this amount, and half earn less.
  • Earning range is an estimated range in which a quarter of all graduates earn less than the lower end of the earnings range, and another quarter earn more than the higher end of the range. It may capture earnings from multiple jobs in cases where a person worked in multiple jobs over the calendar year; however, it does not indicate whether multiple jobs are in the same employment field.

The tool shows an estimate of the earnings outcomes of graduates approximately five years after graduating. It does not present outcomes over the course of a person's working life. Earnings typically increase over time, as people gain work experience, build skills and benefit from new opportunities. Other factors that influence earnings can be where a person works; the number of hours worked per week and the degrees or diplomas completed over time.


Note: The School to work transition tool information about earnings is from the 2016 Census and has been adjusted to 2018 dollar values. It reflects the annual earnings in 2015 of individuals who worked full-time for the full year.

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