I'm a recruiter. How do I use Job Bank?

Recruiters are individuals who assist employers with their recruitment process. Their interaction with the job applicants usually stops when the new employee is hired. The recruiters’ clients are considered employers when they directly hire and pay the employees. If you are a recruiter and would like to post on Job Bank, you must first create your own personal user account. You can do so by signing up to Job Bank for Employers.

Once you have created your own user account, you must register your client as an employer. Make sure to identify yourself as a third-party recruiter and use your clients’ business information (e.g. the client’s payroll account number, address, phone number, etc.). You must set up separate employer files for every client you represent.

Note: If your agency will be hiring and paying the employees, you must register your agency on Job Bank using the agency’s payroll account number. For more information on how to register as a placement agency, see “I work for a placement agency. How do I use Job Bank?”.

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