Prince Edward Island, April 2023 - Job market snapshot

Get a snapshot of key facts about the state of Prince Edward Island's labour market in the past month.


Employment in Prince Edward Island was up by 5,000 (+5.9%) over the last 12 months, including a gain of 2,200 (+2.5%) in the last month. Both full-time and part time employment has grown over the last month. The labour force (those working or looking for work) is currently at its all-time largest at 96,300, which is 4,600 (+5.0%) higher than a year ago. The province's unemployment rate grew modestly to 7.1% in April from 6.6% the previous month and dropped from 8.0% a year prior.

Prince Edward Island's job market by the numbers

Working population


Up 2.5% since March

Unemployment rate


Up since March

Source: Statistics Canada - Table 14-10-0287-01 - Labour force characteristics, monthly, seasonally adjusted and trend-cycle, last 5 months

Industries in focus


Number of jobs increased 20.0%



Employment in the agriculture industry grew by a sharp 500 (+16.1%) over the last 12 months, including a gain of 600 (+20.0%) in the last month.

Accommodation and food services

Number of jobs increased 15.1%



In April, employment hiked by a moderate 800 jobs (+15.1%) in the accommodation and food services industry compared to the previous month. The industry's job vacancy rate in Q3 2022 was 7.3%, 8.4p.p. lower than the previous quarter.

Information, culture and recreation

Number of jobs decreased

Employment in the information, culture and recreation industry increased by a slight 400 (+15.4%) over the last 12 months, including a gain of 300 (+11.1%) in the last month.

Source: Statistics Canada - Table 14-10-0355-02 - Employment by industry, monthly, seasonally adjusted (x 1,000)

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