Job Bank Widgets

A widget is an online application that displays featured content directly on your Web site, blog or social networking page.

Add a Job Bank widget to your site and provide your visitors with direct access to free up-to-date information about jobs, including:

  • Job Bank - providing job seekers with a detailed labour market report customized by occupation and location that features job opportunities, wages, skills requirements, and more;
  • the library of occupational videos of the Job Bank Web site; and,
  • useful facts about working in Canada.

The widget is free and is updated automatically so it does not require technical updates or maintenance.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the Job Bank widget, please contact us.


The Job Bank widget is a free content module offered by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for personal and non-commercial use and cannot be modified or changed without permission. The use of the widget does not indicate any form of endorsement or approval from the Government of Canada.

Adding a Widget to Your Web Page

Create a custom Job Bank widget by following the steps below. Then copy the code to your site.

2 Choose the size of your desired widget (both sizes offer the same features):
Large size widget Small size widget
3 Choose the colour of your widget:

4 The Job Bank widget provides access to a comprehensive suite of labour market information specific to each occupation in Canada. Your widget can be tailored to the specific occupations that are important to your audience. Please select one of the following methods for users of your widget to select an occupation:
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