Find out about your multiple intelligences

We are all smart in several ways. Research shows that people have eight different types of intelligence, usually with strength in three or four. Take this quiz to find out if you are more:

  1. Body smart
  2. People smart
  3. Number smart
  4. Nature smart
  5. Self smart
  6. Sound smart
  7. Picture smart
  8. Word smart

All questions must be answered.

10 minutes 64 questions


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You are a private person and you like your private inner world.
You like to move, tap or fidget when sitting.
You work best in an organized work area.
You have a collection (i.e., shells, mugs, rocks, hockey cards).
You work best through interaction with people.
You like puns and other wordplay.
You play music in your head.
You understand colour combinations and what colours work well together.
You feel comfortable and get positive reinforcement when dealing with language and words.
You notice similarities and differences in trees, flowers and other things in nature.

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