Summary Automatic Door System Installer And Servicer near Kitchener (ON)

Find key facts and figures about working as an automatic door system installer and servicer. The following information is applicable to all Residential and commercial installers and servicers (NOC 7441).


Residential and commercial installers and servicers install and service a wide variety of interior and exterior prefabricated products such as windows, doors, electrical appliances, water heaters, fences, play structures and septic and irrigation systems at residential, commercial or institutional properties. They are employed by companies specializing in specific product installation and service.


  • Determine layout and installation procedures
  • Measure and mark guidelines to be used for installations
  • Load and unload trucks with supplies and equipment
  • Utilize hand and power tools
  • Read and interpret blueprints, maps, drawings and specifications



Median wage in Kitchener–Waterloo–Barrie Region

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The job outlook is fair in Kitchener–Waterloo–Barrie Region

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High school or specific training

High school diploma or occupation-specific training usually required

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