Why do my search results include job postings out of my area?

You always have the option to search jobs by selecting a specific location on Job Bank. You can also filter the results by adjusting the distance from your selected city. However, even when restricting your search to a specific area, you can still see jobs listed as virtual that come from other locations, since they allow you to work from wherever you want. Thus, job search results include all virtual jobs from across the country, no matter the province they have been created in.


If you wish, you can exclude the virtual jobs from your job search results by using the appropriate filter. To do so:

    1. Go to the Search page.
    2. From the left side of the job search results, under the "Remote work opportunities" section, select the filter "Exclude virtual jobs".


Note: The minimum wage is calculated according to the province where the job posting is created. Keep that in mind if you apply for a job out of your area, such as a virtual job.

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