I'm seeing job postings that match my experience and skills, but I'm not being matched to them. Why?

There are a few reasons why you might not be matched to job postings that match your experience and skills:

  • If you have not included your experience, skills, education or credentials in your profile. Make sur to keep the information up to date to ensure that Job Match shows you proper matches.
  • If the job posting you found matching you profile has been posted by one of our partners. Job Match will only match you to job postings submitted by registered Job Bank employers. However, you can subscribe to Job Alerts to get notifications of jobs from these websites.
  • If you’re registered with the Express Entry program. In this case, you will get match to jobs after 30 days from the initial job advertising date. This means that Express Entry candidates using Job Match will only be matched to job postings that are over 30 days old.

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