What is Job Match and why should I use it?

The Job Match feature automatically matches your job postings with job seeker profiles. This gives you easy access to potential candidates suited to the position you are advertising.


Once a job is advertised, you can see the number of job seeker profiles matching the job’s requirements. This information is located under the "Matches and reports" column that you can see when clicking on “Job postings” from the left-hand menu on your Dashboard.


Job Match for employers allows you to view profiles and invite job seekers to apply to your job. The button to the left of each match displays a “Comparison chart” allowing you to see how the profile meets the requirements of the job posting.


All job seekers’ profiles are anonymous – you will not be able to access their name or contact information. However, you can still view their experience, skills, education and credentials by clicking on “View profile”.


If a job seeker’s profile is suited to the position, you can invite them to apply through the system by clicking on ‘’Invite to apply’’ at the bottom of the “Comparison chart”. If you click on ‘’Reject profile’’, the match will be removed and you will no longer be able to view the profile of the rejected candidate. Note that this is an irreversible action.

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